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ZZR with 80k on.. too high?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by rodgonzbea, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Hi.. im looking to get a bigger bike, I,ve had a 250 for some time and im lookingto upgrade. I put about 30000ks a year commuting, in both start-stop peak traffic and highway, and i need something bigger.

    I have seen a '91 ZZR600 advertised, looks tidy, under 3k, but with 80000 ks on..
    Is that too much? See, by next year, it will be well over the 100k. Im not looking to resell so much, i just want reliable transport. The downside of the 250 is how much upkeep ive had to do to keep it running. Im sick of it.

    Is there any known issues to watch for.. etc?

    thanxs for any help...

  2. ISTR these clock the odo after 99,999km. It's also not difficult to put in a different instrument cluster.

    If it has complete books (servicing etc) and basic mechanical checks are good it should be ok. More likely the service record is spotty or nonexistent. In that case a more detailed going over is called for. There is a checklist for second hand bike buying in the forum here somewhere which will be helpful.
  3. It's been said before, you could get a bike with low kilometres that has been thrashed, or a bike with high kilometres that has been looked after.

    My zzr1100 has 88,000k's on it, still going strong....