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ZZR Tyre Pressure (holy smoke batman!)

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by conspiracytheorist, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. Hey all, just pumped my tyres to 30 front, 34 rear last night and went for a fang in local twisties today. DAMN what a difference - much harder obviously but whoa the bike was seriously better in corners, I was considerably faster and more confident going through.

    I previously ran what the manual recommends (28/32) but this feels ALOT better. For longer/faster rides (and thus higher temperature in tyres) I'd probably try 29/33ish, but for commuting and shorter rides - this is awesome..

    So I was wondering what others with zzr250s use?

    I'm running pirelli sport demons if that helps.
  2. I run 36/42 (cold tyre, early in the morning) on my CBR as recommended on the manual but was told by more than one person to try 32/34 as I could be running it too hard. Specially on long(er) trips! Unfortunately I still haven't had the chance to try that! :cry:
  3. anyone know ohw much my VTR250 tyres are sposed to be pumped to?
    theyre stock.

    i have no idea, n the lil sticker thingy on the swingarm is in written in asianese :?
  4. Honda says for the bird 42/42 but I find that in the front at that pressure every bump feels like it has a square edge, so I run 38/42 and it feels spot on.

    Dan runs a fairly low pressure, and honestly don't know how it suits anything but continued high speed work like on a track day.
  5. nibor, i run the VTR250 with 34 front, 38 rear. and thats with pirrelli sports demons. feels real good in the corners, but will be a bit slippery untill things warm up.
  6. Tyre professionials recommend that tyres be run 2psi over the manufactures recommened pressures
  7. :LOL: From memory, my VTR250 was the same, but 200/220 was written on there as well. That's the recommended pressure in kPa. :wink:
  8. yaa i figured that much out with Nee, AnotherMacca.

    lol i had my tyres running at 140 and 180 KPa or something crap low like that, hadnt checked em. i really need a tyre pressure gauge lol.

    cheers, Mondays! mmm im gonna get some new tyres for mine once i get her (or another :LOL:) back, so gotta look into that a bit now...