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ZZR taking oil

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by methanol, Feb 13, 2005.

  1. I went on a rather long (300kms) ride today giving the little 250 quite a bit trying to keep up with the other 4 riders I was with. Prolly an average of 120km/h with the occasional blat 140-50 and I've just got home tonite and theres a bubble in the oil level window, I have not seen a bubble since I've owned it (from new) but I've now done 10,000kms just wondering if it's normal for it to be taking oil this early in it's life. Cheers

  2. What do you mean by a bubble in the oil level window? And I don't understand what you mean by taking oil either? You shouldn't see a 'bubble' just a a couple of lines across teh window for high and low level indicators and the oil level falling somewhere between the two. I can only assume that you mean the oil level has dropped than what is was previously and that it's using oil?
  3. Exactly the oil level has dropped, but it was never between the oil level lines, it was way above even from new and at every service they seem to fill it right up past the upper level line, now it has dropped to just below the upper level line...
  4. Oil as it degenerates condenses and loses some water vapour especially if it has been ridden on short trips daily, it only takes one decent long trip to burn off the excess water vapour.
    You said the bike has done 10,000 kms and you went on a long ride at fairly high speeds.
    Some condensation has taken place and it has lost some of the water vapour hence the bubbles you have seen.
    The level you have now is a more realistic level.
    If you repeat the same trip again next week you will find the oil level should not change much at all.
  5. some engines just pump oil out of the crankcase breather if you over fill them.

    My car does this. I run the oil at about 1/2 fall and it doesn't drop off. If I run it at full it drops off rapidly.

    Also, I have also herd the gpx/zzr250 uses a bit off oil.
  6. if it has burnt that much in 10,000kms, it shouldnt be anything to worry about. (probably a bit long without an oil change though)

    dont leave it too much longer though or you might get caught by the zzr-low-oil-turn-off-engine-while-stopped-at-traffic-light-switch ;)