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ZZR stalls once when cold and putting into gear

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Jase, Mar 4, 2005.

  1. The last couple of mornings (they've been quite coolish), I've started my ZZR250 up and let her warm up for about 5 minutes or so. When I've gone to move out of the garage and go to engage first gear, it stalls. If I go back into neutral, start up again and go into first gear its not an issue and won't stall. It only seems to be when I'm in cold conditions and its the first time I engage first gear.

    Firstly, is this a problem? (I suppose its better if it didn't do this!?) :shock:

    Do I need to tighten my clutch lever a little perhaps?

    Is it possible the oil is the wrong grade? I think I'm running 10-40 at the moment.

    I have noticed previously when the outside temperature wasn't as cold, the first time I go into first gear with the clutch pulled all the way in, sometimes the bike will lurch just a tad (like the gear actually engages a bit). I've had that happen on two bikes (both a GPX and ZZR) now so am assuming that is normal to some degree the first time you put the bike into gear when the bike is cold.

    I think my stalling problem is probably that not only it grabs like it does sometimes, but maybe because of the cold weather the gear grabs even more and stalls. Does this sound feasible?

    Any ideas?? All 2c's worth welcome. :D
  2. When was the last time you changed the oil?
    Stalling when cold and not warmed up properly is an issue but check things like carb tune before you dick around with the clutch.
    Other things to do is check the clutch cables and make sure they are lubed.
    (why do people assume their clutch is fubar when it is always something a lot simpler?)
  3. My last bike was a zzr and i had the same problem. Like the clutch doesnt disengage properly for the first shift from neutral. zzr's and gpx's have the same engine and transmission from what ive heard so it must just be inherant with that engine. Just try mentioning it during its next service and see what the mechanics have to say
  4. My ZZR tends to stall on cold days too especially in Canberra. I keep the revs up when I start her up and she's usually right.

    10-40 for oil is fine, I think I use 15-50 now but I used to use 10-40 and frankly both oils are fine.

    The ZZR and GPX has a wet clutch, so if it's in first when you start her up it's lurch forward. So either bung on your brakes or start in neutral. You can try holding in the crutch for about 30 seconds then start her up after that, and it'll stop from lurching forward. It's normal for a wet clutch.

    I've had a couple of times where I've been riding for 10 minutes and I pull up at a set of lights. Give the engine a rev, and it stalls. Took her in for a service and it's fine now.

    Gotta run. Hope that helps :)
  5. My ZZR has done that a couple of times too lately, even though I let it run for ages to warm up before I take off. The last few days I have pulled the clutch in and out a few times before changing into first and it hasn't stalled or done anything funny.

    Now I don't know whether pulling the clutch in a few times would affect anything whatsoever or if it is just coincidence that it doesn't stall when I dod that????

    Ricecooker = mechanically clueless
  6. this is because of the wet-clutch in bikes i.e. the clutch is sitting in engine oil. when the oil is cold, the oil will transfer force between the plates (as if the clutch isnt fully disengaged)

    pulling the clutch in and out helps because it unsticks the clutch plates and gets the oil moving around etc. you might find it runs better with some fresh oil, or perhaps by switching to synthetic
  7. Jase -
    its common with (cold) wet-clutches. but I reckon 5 mins is more then long enough to warm up, so I'd say yes it is a problem, but should be easily fixed.

    check/adjust your clutch cable regularly, but assuming that's not the problem - change of oil (how long has it been?), possibly switch to synthetic.

    also check your engine oil level - the ZZR has an engine shut-off thing if the oil gets low, that can catch you out.
  8. Thanks for everyone's thoughts. :) I did change the oil not so long ago and put some Motil (I think that's how it's spelt for all the spelling critics out there) 10-40 in, and I think that's fully or at least semi-synthetic. Oil level is good also - I made sure of that.

    I'll try tomorrow morning to pull the clutch in and out a few times and just raise the revs a little tad while changing into first and see how I go. I'll also look at the clutch adjustment on the clutch level itself if I have no luck.

    A service will be coming up in about a month, so I will make sure I'll bring it up but hopefully I won't have too!

    Thanks again.
  9. you mean Motul? that expensive imported stuff :D
  10. My zzr did the same thing - driving it off the showroom floor - how cool - not.
    What I found is that if it is not warm yet - forget ideling for 5 mins, keep the revs up, pop her into 1st, revs still up and hold the clutch in for about 10 secs - pop her into neutral then back into 1st - no more lunges or stalls - probably the wet clutch thing as mentioned above. - works for me. Still does it now at 800 kms when cold - talking 28 degrees climate temp. 5 mins into riding - notan issue - zero lunge like the gears are made of sponge.
  11. Now not an issue - thanks for everyones help. I've noticed a few squeezes of the clutch lever and an ever so slight bit of throttle mean the bike isn't even close to stalling. Didn't need to adjust the clutch at all.
    Cheers :D
  12. No worries, are you gonna buy us all a beer? :p
  13. Cool - first person I have helped as a lurker. Hahn premium please. :)