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ZZR specs Vs GPX

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Tack, May 18, 2005.

  1. I was told the other day that a ZZR250 engine has different camshafts and different gearing....anyone know or have the specs for camshaft timing and lift/duration (I couldn't find a manual listing for the ZZR250on any other site) plus if anyone knows the power figures, compression ratios and the gearbox ratios.

    I dunno much about the ZZR except its supposed to be a sportier version of the GPX...is that right? Is it supposed to be a more powerful motor??

    If anyone has a workshop manual and has the specs listed would they mind just posting the specs for those individual items listed?

    Would be much appreciated...thanks. :D
  2. zzr is more of a sports tourer

    GPX made it to the SUPERSPORT section on the website
    It's lighter... heres what it says in the book -

    138kg dry weight
    27.9kw max (38ps) @ 11000rpm

    Valve timing -
    Inlet -
    Open - 30o BTDC
    Close - 70o ABDC
    Duration - 280o

    Exhaust -
    Open - 70o BBDC
    Close - 30o ATDC
    Duration 280o

    Primary reduction system - gear - reduction ratio 3.086
    Gear ratios
    1st - 2.600 (39/15)
    2nd - 1.789 (34/19)
    3rd - 1.409 (31/22)
    4th - 1.160 (29/25)
    5th - 1.000 (27/27)
    6th - 0.892 (25/28)

    Final drive system - reduction ration 3.214 (45/14)
    Overall drive ratio 8.859 @ Top gear "

    Now all u need is the same info on the ZZR =p