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ZZR rider down!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Bond Girl, Nov 24, 2004.

  1. Cleaned up by a cage cnr Blackburn Rd & Ferntree Gully Rd, this am, was being treated by ambo's when I came thru! Fingers crossed they're ok, hope it wasn't one of ours!

  2. no good, could u tell whos fault it was????
  3. Not without becoming the 2nd rider down there!
  4. Wasn't me at least, do know 2 other ZZR riders though, one that owrks in the city so doubt it was him. Other one is a new father and drives a company car so would think not him either.

    Here's hoping whoever it is is ok.
  5. Wasn't me.
  6. Wasn't me either.

    Touch wood and thank my lucky stars and my Guardian Angel and that little voice that guides me thru them sweeps and corners. Plus, that little rabbits foot I keep in that little ZZR250 compartment, as well as the big Ozzy Osbourne sized cross I wear under my leathers, and the lucky undies I have on inside out. Plus the "blessed from a real Priest" charm I have inside my right boot. Thanks also to my other Guardian Angels to which some of them live inside my helmet to the left of my visor, and to all the girls I've loved before...

    You gotta do everything you can to stay alive out there. Laugh all you want. I don't care.

    Cheers all

    YOUR (oh no, not that BLACK CAT again!!!) ZZR250 PUP
  7. IMO they are all ours!

    One day at my previous job, Mike didn't show up to work on time.
    Some time later, one of the Engineers came into the lab asking the about the colour of Mike's riding gear.
    Mike was taken out by a bus.

    If you have ever met someone that is friendly to most, and with a really positive attitude, then you know Mike.

    My supervisor, Mike's best mate, made me promise i'll never ride a bike.
    The agonising decision to get my License, the broken promise, is the only regret i'll ever have about riding.
  8. Wasn't me either but hope who ever it was is alright
  10. I totally agree.
  11. I dont believe I have seen anything on the news with regards to a motorcycle fatality..,. Maybe the person is OK
  12. I ride a ZZ-R1100.
    I'm in one piece.
  13. Hi yeah I went past about 9 am yesterday and saw the bike and a few people milling about but no rider. I really hope they are ok.

    As mentioned the bike was a ZZR (probably 250), purple/blue colour (as opposed to the cherry red) if that helps.

    I live close by if the rider or a friend is reading this and needs a hand with the bike.
  14. Not me, still working on the License thing anyway :roll:
    Hope they are okay, unfortunately we will here if they are not.
  15. Bike was still leaning against a fence on the corner this am looked bigger than a 250 more like a 750 blue in colour. I'm assuming rider has gone to hospital & is unable to collect bike! Can admins advise if it's still there tonight is there anything we can do to help out?

    p.s. Carver you're right I stand corrected!
  16. Not good hearing about a rider having an off, but Bond Girl, can I ask why the admins need to confirm if the bike is there or not. Why don't you just go down and see for yourself?

    Not having a go, just confused as to what responsibilty a Forum Admin has in regards to a ZZR being rested up against a tree. I don't understand, maybe I read your post incorrectly.


  17. Hmmm, I think BG was asking this, let me try to rephrase:
    "If the bike if still there tonight, do the admins know what the legalities are of someone from Netrider picking the bike up to look after it for the respectful owner."

    I'm tipping you could be charged with theft but then again, you could be thanked by the rightful owner. But then again, how will you find out the rightful owner? The privacy act will prevent you from finding out personal details of the owner. You could always go to the police station and tell them you have said bike but then the copper would probably charge you with theft anyway.

    :shock: :shock: :? I think I just confused myself.
    A quick ride will fix that, cyas :biker:
  18. You would only be done for theft if the owner of the bike wanted to press charges...
  19. You could always leave a note at the scene with a phone number and a message explaining what's happened, then verify the bike details when the person calls.... Just an idea....

    Personally I think it best to leave other people's things alone though.
  20. Leave a message at the scene? What do you propose, stick a message on someones front fence or write a message on the footpath in chalk?

    Maybe get a balloon and attach it to the fence is the best idea. Just hope the balloon doesn't pop :LOL: