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ZZR respray easy? or get a pro

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by virgin biker, Oct 28, 2006.

  1. im looking to pretty up my bike...... ZZR250 and wondering if anyone can tell me if i should get it done profesionally or what i need to do it myself im a noob with bikes so advice would be great :)

  2. If you gotta ask, get it done professionally, Im sure you dont want your baby looking like those cars you see getting around where people have tried to paint it themselves without the correct equipment and/or paint
  3. do it ur self. woolies is have a two for one spray paint can sale.

    But serously i do a fair bit but u need the following tools
    $200 air compressor
    + spray gun $70 - $30
    Paint primer plasitc 15
    primer metal 15
    base coat 20 or metalic base coat 30
    top coat 20
    clear coat 25
    one day of preping
    another day of painting
    third day u redoing it cause u cut corneres preping
    another day of painting
    another day of cutting
    plus what ever other colour vinyls stickers u want

    for a once of job i wouldnt bother unless u got a few bikes or r guna use the tools again

  4. Get it done by a pro.

    Especially if you ever want to get any money back when you sell your bike. Trust me, "custom paint job" is NOT a selling point at a dealership or in a classified ad. All anyone ever wants is the original colour scheme, and your taste will generally not be that of the potential buyer - or they'll claim it isn't, any way.

    The gulf between a pro job and even the most time-intensive home job is a wide one. Sure, if it's a hack bike, do it yourself. If it's a half okay bike, go to a pro.

    And definitely forget any ideas about spray cans.....
  5. Just a question with the plastic primer. Do you on ly need it on unpainted fairings?