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zzr query

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by rthrelfall, Sep 11, 2006.

  1. hey guys
    i got a question
    im not to famlia with a few things on my bike, but i just recently noticed that down were the kickstand is it has a slight oil drip?

    anyone know why this may happen?

  2. Prob your crankcase breather hose, ZZRs and GPX can sometimes draw excess oil vapour into the airbox and the drain hose lets the build up come out. Even through you have 2 cyclinders you have a 360 firing order..ie both up and down at the same time like a thumper.

    This came from hours of research (for me new bike) and not from experience so yeah
  3. ahh......

    the oil dripping is most likely your chain lube running down from the front sprocket. Dont worry about this but clean the chain before you lube it so you dont get a build of grit and old oil.

    also i dont believe the zzr/gpx runs in that fashion as last time i was doing my valves the firing order is one cylinder at a time.
  4. thanks
    yeh i only just cleaned my chain 4 days ago
    its just looks like its coming out of that hose that comes down and sit's right where the stand does when its standing out?
  5. arrr. . . Thats because 1 cylinder is firing and the other is exhausting.

    Remember it's a 4-stroke. i.e. 720 degrees between cylinder firings.

    As to the oil leek, the best thing you can do is clean everything off to see exactly where it is coming from. It may be as simple as someone missed the filler pipe when they were doing the oil. On some bikes it sits around the starter or alternator untill you ride for a bit.