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ZZR not starting in morning

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Greydog, Mar 23, 2016.

  1. Ok, having trouble getting the 06 ZZR to start on cooler mornings. Turns over ok, just won't catch. Starts ok on warmer days or later in the day. Kept in a metal garage overnight.

    Short of giving her her own electric blankie, does anyone have any suggestions? I've had this problem ever since I bought her.

  2. I can only suggest a tune-up; if it's a carbie model then the choke needs looking at, if injected, then the ECU.....
  3. Keep it in the house. :)
  4. Any news on the Zed?
  5. Aww damn. Dunno if I can explain it. There's some kind of aftermarket power thingy on it (Z) which (I think) controls something about how it responds when you roll off in corners. (Yes, I know I'm crap at this). It's been taken off now, although we're not sure if that's the problem. I'm going there tonight and will find out more then.

    The ZZR has carbs which have been cleaned etc etc. The bummer is that when I give it to Dave to check, it doesn't play up!
  6. always the way.....
  7. RE: The Zed. A power commander?
  8. Don't know. Whatever it is, it's been working ok until now.
  9. Murph's Law of intermittent faults
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  10. More like Mandy's Law of motorcycles that continually have something wrong with them...
  11. How does a power commander work with carbs?
    Aren't they for bikes with electronic fuel injection?
  12. But it does sound like the mixture enrichment for starting isn't working.
    Choke actuation sticking or broken?
  13. Re-read the above dude.
    OP has two bikes.
    One of which is a Zed 1000.
  14. cold, less fuel vapour pressure.
    pull the choke lever twice (leave it out second time), if it doesn't immediately catch, crack the throttle slightly
  15. OK Why choke twice?
  16. Oh, I thought Zed was the ZZR, wasn't the problem tthe ZZR wouldn't start on cold mornings?
    How did the Z1000 come into this scenario?
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  17. err, seems to squirt a little more fuel in
    or not.. maybe it's placebo :D
  18. Hmm Dunno about that. But guess it is not going to hurt to try
  19. A typical choke is just a butterfly that closes most of the bore of the carby and causes additional fuel to be drawn, this gives the richer mixture needed for cold starting.
    Repeated actuation will do nothing, it's on or off (or degrees in between), no fuel is squirted.
    There is a nother type of enrichment system that I'm not familiar with the exact mechanism involved, but there is a description of how to use one here:
    Dan's Motorcycle Starting a Motorcycle
    I also found a diagram of such a mechanism (as used on SU carbs) here:
    How variable-jet carburettors work
    But again, it looks like no fuel is squirted, just a richer jet/needle position is actuated.
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  20. yah, but it makes me feel better moving it twice :p

    ps, choke opens port to above diaphragm so slide pulls up more
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