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zzr needs a "rest" after stalling before it will s

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by arithon, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. I just started riding recently and am a complete noob, had a few teething problems, but things seem to be going ok so far. Apart from one thing...

    If I stall the engine, I've found it won't start again straight away. It needs a "rest" first. The first time this happened, it just needed a minute. The second time it needed about 3 minutes. Tonight when I stalled it, it hasn't started up again.

    Everytime the symptoms are the same: I press the starter, and nothing happens. No clicks, no turn over, nothing. Leave it a few minutes, and then everything is ok (apart from tonight). If I turn it off with the killswitch then it has no problems starting up straight away. Has anyone ever heard of a problem like this?

    I had it serviced 3 weeks ago and the battery is new, but then I only ride it about twice a week, and not very far or for very long (mostly I've been practicing in the garage in my building) and considering the horn isn't working right now, I figure the battery needed charging. Just a little worried though that the "rest" didn't work this time. Is it possible that a new battery can discharge after 3 weeks if the bike isn't ridden regularly, and when it is ridden it doesn't rev high enough or for long enough to recharge it?

    Thanks for any feedback!
  2. Battery charge didn't seem to make any difference. I think the starter switch is just tempermental, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I just had the solenoid replaced! Maybe its the switch itself this time, but then the horn doesn't work anymore either :-(

    The bike can be push started, so I can ride it at least.
  3. sucks to hear sounds like a tempramental electrical part somewhere.
    Check the fuse box, try wrigiling all the electrcal components, looking for badly connected wires that sort of thing. Often ur igniion barrel (where u put the key in) will have tempramental connections trry wrigingling that, the kill switch the saftey side stand switch(if u have on)

    Other wise get a manual for ur bike thats got a elevtrical and fualt finding diagram all u need is a 15$ multimetter and u should be sweet.

    Maybe electronic ignition overheating?
  4. Thanks for the advice. Looks like I'll have a busy weekend :LOL:

    Tried it again this morning, and starting it was still a little unpredictable at first, but eventually it seemed a bit better. After I got it warmed up I tried turning it off and starting it again a few times - seemed to be working ok, though it takes a few seconds for the starter motor to kick in.

    One thing I noticed was that everytime it turned over, the headlights stopped working for about 5 seconds. Battery issue? :?
  5. Check both ends of the battery earth strap. Loosen then retighten both.
  6. yep check all connections etc but try to start with side stand up, in neutral, clutch in and kill switch on.

    good luck intermittent problems are bad but intermittent and electrical gremlins are the worst :(.
  7. Probably a long shot, but try moving bike back or forward a bit (dont go overboard, I'm talking 30cm here). Maybe dodgey stand sensor..
  8. my 94 zzr250 wont turn over the other week too, nothing from the starter but as soon as we jumped the solenoid manually it started.
    We finally worked our way through the wiring of the bike (thanks all to my mates!!!) and found the the relay in the fuse box was shagged.
    Tried replacing it but it still didnt work.
    We ended up creating a new relay, so now i have an external relay and the bike starts like a dream.

    Might possibly be ur issue, not sure though, how good are you with electronics?

    i was lucky, i have a mate thats got ideas.
  9. Good point... make sure all the terminals are clean!
  10. Starter solenoid. :!:

    Don't know how hard they are to get at on your bike but if connections and battery have been checked I'd be looking at the starter. Its not a regular service item so it would never really be looked at unless this type of issue was reported.
  11. Thanks for all the feedback everyone. Certainly got no shortage of possible solutions :LOL:

    Looks like I'll be learning a lot about how bikes work. Maybe I should buy a book on the subject...

    How good am I at electronics? Well... considering everytime I open my computer I manage to break something, I'd say not very good (and I work in IT!).
  12. That's why I took it in to the repair shop 3 weeks ago, it wasn't starting, just a single "click" when I pressed the starter. They replaced the starter solenoid. Maybe they did a dodgy job...
  13. I'm talking about the solenoid that actually engages the starter not a relay in the wiring. Are you sure we're talking about the same thing?
  14. Yeah, pretty sure we're talking about the same thing, unless I'm missing something. The solenoid that engages the starter, that the "starter solenoid" right? :p

    Thats what got replaced when I took it in 3 weeks ago to get it repaired/serviced.
  15. Ok. Back to square one then...... Something heat related or current related when warm. Of cause you could try not stalling :p (smart arse!)

    Hope you solve it.
  16. Well its working again tonight just fine. Wierd. I'll see if I can track it down if it starts becoming a major problem.

    And yeah, I think I'll just try not to stall it. Practice makes perfect :LOL:

    Thanks for the help everyone - I really appreciate it.
  17. You could invest in a $15 multimeter and get a service manual or wiring diagram.

    Do a search on the web for testing continuity and voltage drops and starter solenoids. It seems a black art till you have a go.

    This link has some testing prompts for the starter system in a car. It is useful for general troubleshooting only - that is where your service manual would kick inhttp://aa1car.com/library/voltage_drop_testing.htm
  18. Ive been riding for 4 days now on my zx2r and at first when i stalled it i had difficulty starting it up again. I was told i needed to have choke on half to start it up which works fine, but when i stalled it at the first big round about and massive trucks were near me i was shitting myself @@!!! There are a few ways to start it back up ive come to terms with.

    Put it in first hold the clutch, give it half choke and rear break hit start.
    Have it in neutral, choke on half, hit start. Once its started Front break in clutch in change to first keeping choke on till you actually start rolling otherwise it could just stall.

    I hope this helps and you dont have a red face when you stall bud, i mean i had a red face in the first 3 days im fine now i think =S
  19. My stalling has been moreso related to the carbs - ive got a set to rebuild now so im hoping this will fix it!
  20. Don't overlook the starter switch/button. When I got the GTR, I had periodic no start issues. I convinced myself it was teh solenoid and spent a half day disassembling and cleaning it (no, don't disassemble one unless you are VERY patient!).
    In teh end, the starter switch proved to be heavily carboned up from arcing, I pulled the RH switchblock apart, cleaned the terminals and all is good now.

    Regards, Andrew.