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ZZR Last Operation :O)

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by benni boi, Mar 22, 2005.

  1. Gday guys, im EXTRMELY happy to say that my zzr is just about out of intensive care (minus a few scars), i have one thign i need your help with, i jsut want to see if i can do it myself as a learning experience.

    I got my new foot-peg bracket, now i jsut ahev to hook up the back brake lever.
    Can anyone help me on how to attach the break lever to the transformer thing (3 inch metal piece) which attaches directly to the back brakes, im not sure wether i lost a part in the drop, because i've tried attaching the gold part of the break lever to the screw that comes from the transformer but can't figure it out!!! Can i not tatch the lever directly to the transformer through the gold part? or am i jsut stupid? :p

    Thanks yet agen guys :)


    ^Pic of the break lever and the gold piece i am trying to connect...
  2. Well you take the metally thing, and stick it to the bit on the bike, then bolt it on (not the bike), do up the do-hicky, then attach the back and bobs your aunty, away you go.
  3. Oh now i get it! Thanks Heeps! :D
  4. You forgot to mention that you have to check the play on the doova lacky with a bi-lateral centrifigal adjuster
  5. Don't forget the peanuts for the monkey wrench, the left handed screw driver and the can of yellow/black safety paint O and the box of welding sparks.

    Whereabouts in Tas BenniBoi? Might be able to point some likely lads in your direction.

  6. LMAO :LOL:
    Box of welding sparks
  7. Thnx for the tips guys!!!

    Iffracem im at Midway Point near the airport :)
  8. Ok, jokes aside.

    If you're going to do something yourself its probably worth getting a... what do they call them, someone correct me if im wrong please... workshop manual/maintenance manual for your bike. From what I've hard they don't cost too much and are a veritable fountain of information. Information that will help you do the job properly the first time.

    The last thing you want is for your brake lever to fall off on the freeway somewhere, because the do-hickey suspender nut didn't have a type 2 cotter pin inserted to the build specifations. :) Sorry, couldn't help it
  9. Decided to leave it, im taking it into my prefered bikeshop to be fixed soon need to get brake lever re-attached, headlight globe changed and get a petrol leak found and fixed, then she should be all up and runnind and ready to go :D
    I CAN'T WAIT its been too long since i adh a good ride, plus now i got a friend whos buying a bike in 3 weeks so i even have a little apprentice :D
  10. Okey Dokey, I was a mechanic for 19 years, If you want I could try to get over during the Easter break (I'm in Snug and always looking for an excuse to ride somewhere!!) If you have a trusted mechanic, even better.

    Like Goose says, get a manual. Either browse the web for one, or drop into the Imperial Arcade second hand bookshop in Collins St, they may have one.

  11. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: Apprentice

    Oh my word!
  12. Yer.... Apprentice :p lol im gonna be his teacher, or more a adviser :).

    Iffracem, thanks heeps for the offer! Well im calling up MotorWorks (whats ur opinion on them?)tomorrow to see if they can pick it up tomorrow,wednesday or Thursday, so it'll probably be fixed around easter holidays.
    But if they're busy or can't fit me in, and your not busy id love for you to pop over and help me out, give ma a few tips and a helpnig hand, because im always eager to learn more ways to maintain and look after my babi especially hands on work cause its the best way to learn.
    Anwyay if you're willing give me your email addi or msn or something and i'll keep you informed.

  13. Is Snug really a place in Tassie???? I thought it was a joke on how small Tassie is or something :shock: :oops: :roll:

    :D :D :D
  14. The workshop @ Motorworks and Milton (guy who runs the workshop) in particular are excellent, I know of people who will only take their bikes to him, no matter where he works.

    As such are usually very busy, dunno if you'll even get a look in this week. (lot of people will be getting services/checks ready for an Easter ride.)

    PM me if you like, I check every day (easily bored sysadmin :wink: )

    Yes Lil, I actually live in a small place called SNUG, postcode 7054.

    We've got a primary school, a pub (of course! but it has pokies, so I don't go to that one) butcher, corner shop, servo, fresh vegie shop, fresh seafood shop (mmmmm crayfish, fresh cooked, $27 for a BIG un) and a post office, church, doctors surgery and fire station, and about 100 houses in the town itself.

    26k's from Hobart PO, mostly country roads.

    Bloody paradise!!!

  15. hmm... when i did mine it was a fairly straightforward job. just take things off, replace the broken bits, and put everything back in reverse order from how i took it apart. took maybe 20 minutes, and i was quite careful.

    yes, if anyone knows where to get a zzr250 service manual, that would be great. until then its off to the mechanic for u...

    the other option is to just find another zzr250 and take some pictures of that part of the bike. then just assemble as per the pictures!
  16. Being picked up next thursday, hopefully have it back so i can ride it to college the following week :D

    JJ, do they still send those BEAUTIFUL scallop pies down there, i used to always go down and get em with the grandparents wen i was a little tacker
  17. If your talking about the "Mothers Favourites" shop, then nope, the guy sold up and is now sailing the south pacific.

    That shop is now called "seafood de-mayne" and sells the best fresh seafood I've ever tasted... trouble is it's right next door :shock: