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zzr high pitch noise

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by anger in the silence, Dec 12, 2006.

  1. hey just last night i heard a high pitch noise comming form the engine of my zzr 250. I noticed this when it was idoling at lights and it was still the when i got home.
    anyone know what this could be and how to fix it??


  2. Having just got my zzr250 last week i dont tend to be an expert but I may have some useful advice being an engineer.
    Check the basics, oil /water. Give some more info, how old, how man k's, regular maintenance etc, this may help the helpers. Where is noise coming from in general? Top end/bottom end left/right.
    Generally, if not obvious like lack of lube, noise changes like this require a trip to the doctor. Could be indicator of impending catastrophe or a noise that will last for a while without killing the engine. If it does not go away, best to be sure.
  3. Plus the fan
  4. yeah the oil seems ok. havnt checked the water yet.
    it is a 2001 model has done 37000kms and is about 1000kms from when i was going to get a service (every 6000kms) the noise isnt there when you first start it up but after about 5min of riding it appers. it seems to be down the bottem near the gear box. hopefully it isnt in need of a new gear box.

    any sugestions?

  5. Don't forget zzr's are notorious for a whistling noise coming from the tank when you're stopped, could it be this you're referring to?
  6. +1. If it happens again, park her up, open up the filler cap on the tank and see if it stops. If it does, nothing to be concerned about.
  7. ok cool ill try that. i know that sound you are talking bout and im 99%sure that isnt it. it seems to loud for that. and seems to becoming from the bottem left side just infront of the gear leaver
  8. It could be the timing chain. Though, that would be just a guess.
  9. had it checked awhile back but havnt been riding much latly. They said it was somthing to do with chromic coming off in the gear box or somthin. said it isnt in need of repair right away but eventually will need a new gear box :( anyone know how much a gear box for a zzr250 would be?