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ZZR help needed

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by benni boi, Mar 15, 2005.

  1. G'day guys, i've found this site and i pray i can get the help i've been searching for :), on new years eve i dropped/crashed my zzr :(

    The problem is that it snapped the right footpeg bracket in 3 places which amazed me how metal could snap so easily. I need to get a right foot peg bracket (the triangular point one), i got a after-market one guoted at $360 which seemed ludicrus so i turned to the internet, because i can't afford the bracket and other things i need to fix.
    So has anyone got any suggestions where i can pick one of them up for under $200? Tried ALOT of wreckers, can anyone suggest a good one or a alternative.

    Also due to it sitting in my garage i was naughty and got fidgety :roll: , and umm..... i kinda took apart the dash (don't know if thats the reason), put it all back together fine, but now the indicators don't flash on the dash or at the actual lights :? Any suggestions? I've already ran all over wiring nothing like that...

    During the drop i also stuffed my right hand mirror for the SECOND time :evil: , jsut interested if anyone knows any mirrors off another bike that would fit to the zzr frame?, just to add a bit more style.

    Also once again i was fidgeting (i know i shouldn't but its interesting), and i took the radiator off and cleaned it, in the process most of the fluid came out, i've got the right radiator fluid (checked manual), but since i took the WHOLE thing off do i need to put anything else eg anti-freeze back in it? Just taking pre-cautions.

    Thanks so much for any help guys, im REALLY eager jsut to get back on the roads and off the buses :evil: driving me insane


  2. i d/l the GPX 250 handbook.
    its supposed to be similar to the ZZR
    i think yuh peg that broke in 3 must be aluminium or such maybe GPX parts might fit ??
    if yuh know any boilermakers or fitters, maybe they might be able to do a foreign order for u??
    i know how u feel, my headlight will not come on any more, and its not the globe.I took my bike all apart and couldnt find the problem, it sayed apart for 3 weeks before i put it back together today.
    i couldnt handle it any longer and i needed to ride, it doesnt matter if i have to be home by dark
  3. for footpeg
    go to bike point on msn and search wreckers in melbourne
    they have email address , email them and see what price you can get them for
    if need be send a cheque to them and someone close can pick it up and post it over .
    as for coolant yes refill with coolant .
  4. Yeah i have a 2001 ZZR250 and i fell over and broke that bracket too... your footpeg probably didn't fold up when the bike fell, so the bracket took the whole weight of supporting the bike and then snapped.

    I got a replacement for $75 from City Motorcycle Wreckers on Moss St in Brisbane:

    Those guys are great! They gave me free screws for some other bits on my bike, and their prices are heaps better than most of the other places out there. They are very helpful and have a great attitude towards people who are just learning about bike maintainence. thumbs up to them :D

    The part only seems to be unique to the ZZR250. I looked at as many Kawasaki bikes as i could and none of them had the same bracket.

    The part actually came from Japan i think, since it was in a sealed bag with a Japanese and English description, price in Yen and a date. It was a used part, so there's a little bit of spotty oxidisation (the rest of my bike is like new). A bit of elbow grease would fix it up but i need some kind of electric buffer cos the surface is not smooth so it takes ages to polish :eek: managed to get out a lot of it already using autosol and elbow grease, but i think somethign electric ould save me a heap of time.
  5. I got a left-hand foot-peg bracket for 35 bucks at a local wrecker (melbourne).

    I dont know about different mirrors, but I paid 50 bucks for a new one for my new bike (bit of a ripoff but I was in a rush).

    As for coolant, you'll either be adding coolant straight out of the container or mixed with water. I can send you a pdf of the zzr service manual if you like (PM me). :)
  6. If you're having trouble finding parts for your bike, try www.findapart.com.au
    It works quite well.
  7. yeah, i was gunna suggest findapart, someone beat me to it tho :x :LOL: just punch in what you want and a whole bunch of wreckers will respond from all over oz. pick the one that sounds the cheapest and least dodgey and then go for it :D i've managed to find a few things on there now and it saves a whole bunch of ringing around.....
  8. Alrite cheers guys! I'm jsut about to send off emails to city motorcycles ( cheers mikk ) and i'll try that bikepoint search aswell :)

    I went into my prefered bike shop today and asked about coolant, he said fill it up with water and we'll refill it when you bring the bike in (it needs to be fixed before gets back on road) so that fixes the radiator :D

    Yer the headlgiht is a bummer, but he told me they can fix that aswell, i'd jus like to know if i can do it myself for next time, but he didn't seem to keen on tellin me how (i h8 that guy)

    As far as manual, no thanks Androo i've already got one, thnx for offer though.

    NEWAY better go finished this damn maths homework, so i can start enquries on my bike parts :) cheers guys

    Oh and im still interested if anyone has managed to fit some other mirrors onto their zzr than the stock ones?

  9. Benni, if you don't have any luck with any of those suggestions, try asking in here www.ksrc-au.com.

    Re the mirrors, I'm assuming you're asking because they suck, right? :roll: WELL, I've put those stick on 50mm round convex mirrors on the edges of mine, and now I can see round corners. They were a whole .99 cents each from Supercheap Auto, and haven't fallen off yet (Like the others did)... :)

    Now, go finish that homework!!! :evil:
  10. lol nuhh don't want stick on ones thanks :) i was only asking because im interested if anyone has, just to make it look different... because theres nothing better than a invidual bike in my opinon.

    Oh and i've finished my trigonometry assignment *sighs with relief and grabs beer and cigis* thank god for that :)