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ZZR Clutch Question.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Beebs, Sep 19, 2006.

  1. Hey guys,

    Bit of a noob to bikes, but I have just bought a 02 model ZZR 250. Bike is fantastic. Just a question on the clutch though as I dont know whether this is normal or not.

    When the bike is in gear (eg 1st) with bike off, when I pull the clutch in should I be able to push the bike forward and back as if it were in neutral. Cause I can move the bike forward but I still have to push against compression.


    Now I normally start the bike with a brake on, but for arguments sake, with the brakes off, if i am in 1st with clutch in when I start the bike, the bike moves forward as if clutch is just held slightly at friction point. The bike does not lunge or stall, just starts to move forward.

    And also with bike running and in neutral, when I clutch in and press it into 1st, the bike lurches a little.

    Clutch adjustment seems fine and the actually operation of the clutch feels normal, and the actual friction point is still evident when letting the clutch out.

    Is there a problem is this normal for the ZZR?

  2. This is a common occurance with the baby Z's and is due to the clutch plates sticking a little. Certain oils are usually the cause and the make the clutch plates stick and hence your get the slight lurch forward that you describe. Usually once the bike is warmed up or has been running it should go away. Also try holding the clutch it for about 10-15 secs when you first use it before engaging first OR pump the clutch a few times to try and help free the plates up.

    I'd recommend draining the oil and replacing it with a different brand and maybe a different type. Hopefully you will find one that will get rid of or reduce the occurance of it. For the record my ZZR does it sometimes, usually if it has been a cold night.
  3. Great question and great response. Thanks.
  4. Some really good advice,
    I must say I’ve had the lurch when I engage 1st,
    But I always took it as a quirk of the bike.
  5. "bike lurches a little"

    does this happen only when the engine is cold? most bike lurches a little usually when the engine is cold. try full synth oil.
  6. yep i have a gpx250 (same motor) and does the exact same thing. As mentioned hold the clutch in while in neutral before you engage first gear for the first time during a cold start.
  7. A lot of bikes do it. You can't push my bike against the diengaged clutch, when it's cold.

    It's just that wet clutches don't fully seperate, rather they slip in their oil. Try running lighter oil when the weather is colder, otherwise don't worry about it.
  8. ibast is right. you will always feel a little resistance when it is in gear, and a little tug if you start it in gear.
  9. Both my Kawasakis have done it, a Z650 and GTR 1000. That, and the Kawasaki KLUNK into first gear, are just the way it is! Probably the same team designed all their clutches etc.
    The Z was so bad, that you could hear the starter labour if you tried to start in gear with clutch out.
    I found when starting cold, to start in neutral obviously, but as the bike is warming up, I work the clutch lever on and off several times. It helps a lot.

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. Im sooo glad i found this thread!!

    my to be ZZR has the same problem

    sometimes you cant start it in first with the clutch fully in...

    so this isnt a majour problem?

    change of oil should do the trick?
  11. Just start in neutral. By it's nature, a wet clutch will drag more when the oil is colder and thicker. Let the bike warm up a bit and exercise the clutch a lot when warming the bike up.
    If you let a Kawasaki sit for a few weeks, it's also not unusual for teh plates to stick together, and the bike will stall and lurch forwards when engaging a gear.
    You could change oil, but it probably won't do much unless it's way too thick an oil in there already.

    Regards, Andrew.