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ZZR 2fiddy - which oil ?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by I'm Simon, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. Time to do an oil change on the ZZR and of course I don't have a manual, she is a 2000 ZZR250, any other ZZR riders have advice on the best oil to use ?

  2. So semi synthetic

    I had the repsol one in first, I'm now on motul.

    I'll be getting motul again, but for no logical reason.

    Do yourself a favour and buy it in a 4L or more bulk pack. 4L should be about $50-55 (don't pay more for that unless you're getting full synthetic).
  3. Thanks Phizog, I assume that you do your own oil changes, this being the first time that I will be doing it...how hard is it? I would assume that most time is spent pulling that faring off / on.
  4. Not hard at all - from someone with very little mechanical ability.

    No fairings come off.

    Its just a matter of warming up the bike for a few minutes then unscrewing the oil release one, letting it drain. Then unscrew the main release bolt (both are under the bike, the main one is the one in the middle). Take out the oil filter, clean it all nicely. Since you probably dont know when it was last done, replace the oil filter while you're at it - they're only like $5 (just ask for one for a zzr at any bike shop).

    You'll want to put a bit of oil in the rubber band bit. Then put it back in, bolts back in properly, then top up with oil. It will take 1.9L after taking out the filter (or about 1.5L if you don't take it out).

    Put a litre and a bit in, then top it up slowly (giving it a minute between each pour in after 1L) so that you don't overflow it - it takes a while for it to all collect and to be visible in the window.
  5. semi synthetic - 10W40 or 20W50 will do the job.
  6. Damn.! They must have used their brains with the newer models, my 96' ZZR's fairing covers the oil filler. I change oil every 3000k's, filter every 6000k's Pain in the butt taking the fairing off.
  7. Shell semi-synthetic motorcycle oil 4L for $39.95
  8. is the oil still ok if left for couple of months once its opened?
  9. As long as its sealed well and stored properly.
  10. what is the condition of 'sealed well and stored properly'?

    does normal cap enough to seal it?
  11. Yes.

    Store it in a cool place, out of the sun and heat sources.
  12. You can get away with dino oil in the ZZR/GPX engine, if changed regularly (3,000km). Could save you a few bucks. I find the semi-synth doesn't last a full 6,000km anyway, so the cheaper oil more regularly worked better.
  13. motul 5100 10w-40
  14. Any 10w40 should be fine, the ZZR250 is hardly a race bike.
    If you had a high revving 250 and kept it in the top end i'd say go synthetic, etc

    Get a replacement O-Ring too just to be sure. They're cheap enough.
    My mate changed his and because the O-ring rubs agains the block as it unscrews, it perished.

    Just don't try changing the oil filter on an Across. Its behind the headers.
    Just did mine yesterday and used Motul 3100 10w40.

  15. shell semi synth will get dirty just as quickly as the motul stuff, and heaps cheaper. semi synth is the way to go in a 250.

  16. my 96 zzr doesn't :?:
  17. does the oil filter have a specific part number?


    all done! filter cost $12.50 :S