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zzr 250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by timo66, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. looking at a 2002 zzr 250 which is going for 3900 with only 18000k on the clock.I know this is a really good price but it is for sale on ebay which i am a little worried about.I am interested to know if anyone as bought a bike of ebay before and had any problems.Thanks.

  2. dont buy anything unless you can see it in the flesh and test ride it. There are plenty of these bikes around so take your time and choose wisely.
  3. /\ What he said times a billion
  4. Timo66.

    It is fine to buy bikes on ebay. I bought my bike 2003 zzr250 off ebay for actually less than $3900 with less km :grin:

    However that is not the whole picture. I actually waited for the auction to end hoping no-one put on a bid. It was winter and there are less people looking for bikes that time of year. It also had been in a low speed slide so there where some scatches on one of the fairings and exhaust.

    Anyways prior to the auction ending I organised to see the bike with some friends who could test ride it. It was all good.

    Also as a sweetener i got the owner to organise an independant mechanical inspection. (Cost $100) - Mechanic said that dispite the superficial damage it was mechanically perfect.

    --->i bought the bike.

    Moral of the story. For peace of mind as the others said get inspect the bike with some bike savvy friends or a nice netrider and get the bike mechanically inspected before you put money down on the table.

    As it give you a chance to meet the owner and get to know whether they are a shifty character or honest.
  5. I bought my ZZR off ebay.

    It was damaged but the seller was upfront about it with pictures and such. I won't say its been 100% hassale free motoring, but the only damage was cosmetic from a couple drops, and it just needed an oil change and it was good to go.

    I will say however, that I would not buy a vehicle off ebay if it was costing > $4k. Paying only a few thou for a bike I figured it would have to be a real dog of a bike to not be worth it, especially as a first, learner bike.
  6. please dont buy without inspecting it... unless the bike is interstate its not worth the risk... pictures can hide so much and what you think is important (cracks in fairing or something like that) could mean nothing to the seller... just dont risk it
  7. my bike was on ebay and bikesales, so I emailed the guy rang him up inspected and made an offer take it or leave it had the cash on me, he took it i got a bargin.