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ZZR-250 Vs. ZX2R -> Looking for advice

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by axza, Mar 5, 2005.

  1. Hey All :)

    I've just completed my Ls and am in the market for a bike.

    I went out this morning into Peter Stevens and had a quick look, they had a new import ZX2R (still 97 model) for 7990. I know they say you shouldn't get the first bike you see, but damn, this one felt good to sit on and I love the sports riding feel.

    Previous to this I was looking at a ZZR, browsing bike sales and checking out the paper. It works out to around $1900 cheaper, but they generally have 7k - 15k on the odo.

    If I was to get the ZX2R brand new, would it hold it's resale in say 15 months time when I need to get rid of it? I imagine that it would lose more than a second hand ZZR.

    Also, is there anything I should be aware of with each of these bikes, anything that might make me not want one or both of them??


  2. Dropping your first bike is almost inevitable; the sooner you come to terms with that the better.

    The ZX2R can never be called 'brand new' just like most 2fiddy grey imports. There's an A model (2 headlights) and the C model (single headlight). The resale on the C model will be higher.

    $8000 (PLUS gear) is ALOT to spend on a first bike. For that amount of money your probably far better off buying something brand new; ie. VTR, and then doing your learning time on that. It'll be ALOT cheaper to repair when you drop it, and VTR resale prices are excellent.

    When it comes to 2fiddy prices, don't EXPECT a good resale. Think of it more as a discount on the bigger bike you actually want; but there are better value bikes, and then there are ripoff money pits.

    Shop around ALOT more; have you actually ridden any of these bikes yet? If the dealer won't let you ride it to find out if you like it... go to a different dealer.

    Look around at bikepics.com and see if theres any 2fiddy's you havent thought about before.

    My list to look at would be something like this:
    Faired 'sports' bikes:
    '91+ FZR (hey im biased; but their cheap and go plenty quick :D )
    ZX2R (most expensive of the 4 pot 2fiddy screamers)
    CBR 'RR' (very popular amongst learners; i cant stand them)
    Across (more suitable if you wanna commute; has a boot :wink:, not quite as aggressively sporty as the above listed though)

    Naked 250's:
    Suzuki Bandit (my favourite naked 2fiddy)
    Yamaha Zeal (naked FZR, hence a lil biased aswell)
    Honda VTR (excellent v-twin learner bike; good resale)
    Kawasaki Balius (essentially a naked ZX2R with a different tune)
    Honda Hornet (damn sexy twin highrise pipes. good size)
    Hyosung Comet (great bike if your taller/bigger than 6', cheap & goes well; even better cos their new at a good price).

    Food for thought; probably a good time to start chewing.
  3. I can't emphasise how much not to break the $5000 mark on your first bike - as mentioned earlier dropping it is a pretty likely plus 250s are a rip off, chances are you'll only have to pay $7000 or so for a nice 600/750/900 when you upgrade - no point paying that figure twice with a 250.

    Take a good couple of weeks and physically look at at least 3 other bikes, sit on them, ride them if you can. Just as an example I was in Clipstone Yamaha in Ringwood the other day, they have a ZX2R for $4K with 35000 clicks on it, if all's mechanicly sound that would be a prime deal for a learner bike.
  4. ZXR250

    Dont buy a Zxr250 parts are very hard to get.
  5. Hmm you guys make good points. I guess sensibility goes out the window when you finally get around to going into a shop and looking at them all - hard to resist.

    I think I'll wait for the finance to come through and re-evaluate from there.

    I'd like a faired bike, I just like the look - weak, but it does it for me

    I'm just so damn eager to get on the road.

    I'll take that advice on the 5k limit, it does make sense, I just want something that I'm going to enjoy for the 15 months I have it.

    Thanks for the advice guys :) I'll let you know how I go
  6. Hmm, I hadn't looked at the FZR's - not bad, I think I'll add this to 'the list' as well as a possibility :)
  7. Re: ZXR250

    Yeah, just like everyone told me "dont buy an FZR."
    I'm sorry, but in the massive numbers that these grey's are now in Australia, there is not reason to use an excuse like that any more. Wreckers are FULL of ZX2R's, CBR RR's, & FZR's... as they are the sportier of the faired bikes; they tend to be written off by insurance alot quicker.

    I went out and narrowed it down by my method of the 'ride & grin' test. I ride a bike, if im smiling or grinning from ear to ear thats a good sign that i like it. When i get back, if im STILL grinning its probably a good bike. If im still smiling on the drive back home after a test ride; i know its a good one.
    As you said; you have to stick with this bike for ~15 months so make it a good one; but be sensible. Buy something that you can see yourself growing into and enjoying as your skill level rises.
    The first time i rode my FZR and gave it full throttle in first gear ill admit it was a spine tingling moment; but now its just normal. It's still as quick as it was at day 1, but im used to it. It still puts a big dopey grin on my face when i ride it, and it still scares me occasionally; i'd say i found my perfect first bike.
  8. Doesnt this forum have a search button? :roll: Didnt we just have a rather heated discussion about this last week? :LOL:
  9. Yeah sorry about that, it's still on the front page too it seems.. I'll need to look before I post I reckon.
  10. Hi Aaron

    If you want a zxr250, just go for it! But have a look around at private sales. I got my zxr250 'a' model in great condition for $3,200 with 34K on the clock.

    As for parts...there are a no. of wreckers that specialise in grey imports...so i've never had any problems with finding what I needed on the several occassions where I did an "oopsy" on my baby (everything from crank cases to mirrors... :oops: ).

    In my view, it is probably better to spend less than $5k on a 250...u get still can get a kick ass 250 for less...and unfortunately no matter what u may think/feel now, u will be most likely feeling the limitations of ur 250 before ur restrictions are finished and looking for an upgrade.
  11. Re: ZXR250

    No they arent. Peter Stevens can get what ever you need from Japan. Max 1 week wait.

    Not to mention Yuki at Southern Cross Sports. Has most things on the shelf.
  12. Like others I suggest spending as little as possible on your first bike. Save it for the upgrade.

    However if you have you heart set on spending whatever you have to, to find a bike you can fall in love with then I say go for it. If you really like the ZX2 then go for it. Make sure you do try the alternatives tho. BTW, im not biased toward any one bike. Get whatever bike that floats your boat.

    The best advice a buyer can get is try lots or different bikes, stay within your budget, and make sure you get any secondhand bike thoroughly checked. And that doesnt mean your neighbours cousin cause he knew a guy with a bike once. Get a professional to check it out. Then make sure you ride the crap out of it before upgrading to a bigger bike.
  13. I checked out a zx2r today, I think i'm keen on them, real keen.

    I'm finding it hard to find one down here in Adel, seems most of the bikes are up around QLD and NSW.

    The one I saw today had 20k on the odo and the dude wanted 7 for it, I'd almost be willing to pay that, however i need to get my mate to check it out on wednesday.

    I'm sure it's too much to pay, but I def want this style of bike, and I'm not too fussed about the cash.

    Only thing was it had scrapes on both sides of the handlebars and the clutch lever looks like it's been replaced, other than that it looks pretty tidy..

    The guy definately won't go below 7, he started at 7700.

    My sensible side says to wait and see, or get a diff bike for less, my less sensible side says 'who cares, its only money'

    damn decisions decisions
  14. I agree my husband has a FZR and they are bloody little rockets :twisted:

    I have the ZZR and I have had no probs with it..

    They are both great bikes
    Lisa :twisted:
  15. ---------------------------------------------
    Hey axza.
    Hope you get it! I'm looking at getting a ZX2R as well, I missed out on a couple of them last weekend sold to somebody else last sunday they seem to be selling like hotcakes eithere that or there is not much of them around. What color is it?, got a pic?
  16. Not that i'd ever say anything to put anyone off buying a bike now; but if you can wait until the really shitty weather sets in (in a couple of months) then you can almost definitely cut a nice chunk off the price tag.

    Marty: Whilst i have heard of the odd occasion that a business person somewhere in Asia would buy one, and then simply leave it sitting in their living room as a 'trophy', doesn't it seem at all odd that they would leave them untouched in a warehouse indefinitely. They were built to be sold.
    Just like all grey 250's (there were NO locally delivered ZX2R's), they were ridden... patched up, complianced, sold in Australia, ridden; oh, and ridden some more. Whatever is showing on the odometer is coincidence (or an indication of how long its been since it was last wound back, ie. patched up).

    Listen to your head, follow your heart, and let your wallet be the final judge.
  17. It's a 98 green kawa paintjob

    Link to bikesales : http://bikesales.com.au/bike/search...ex=85&selectedMakeIndex=34&currentPage=1&x=63

    (hope that link works)

    The dude took me around the block on it yesterday... it was pretty quick, almost fell off the back, rather scary... but somewhat fun
  18. Nice one man! well done. I hope to get my one soon. :)
  19. I have a "new" ZXR-250C. It came with 1km on the clock.

    It was one of a batch of silver newies that were brought into the country by Otabai (i think, or was it Obatai) importers. Some bike shop went broke in asia somewhere and these bikes were placed in storage for a few years and then imported in 2002. I think these are the bikes that peter stevens has.

    There's no way that these bikes are anything but brand new. (apart from a few years of storage.)