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ZZR 250 Vs CBR 250 R

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by Funkmonkey, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. Greetings programs!

    First time poster here so please go easy on me, and if im asking in the wrong place i apologise, but it did look right!

    So, after a few years of various scooter/trailbiking experience, i finally got off my behind and did the DECA learners course last sunday, had an absolutey whale of a time, and managed to pop my road cherry on my mates (She also did her learners the same day) Ninja 250. Now its time to go shopping!

    So browsing the various sites, and having the wind sucked out of my sails financially, im basically restricted (long story) to getting a second hand bike from a dealer, as i wont be able to cash up front it with a private sale, and im down to 2 choices, both bikes seem to have rather good reviews so im rather undecided.

    Im down to an 89 CBR 250 R or a 95 ZZR 250. There are a few unregistered ZZRs about at various dealers but they seem to have a habit of advertising them as unregistered, and im after a bike i can ride home on preferably. So the question people, is what do YOU think cos im stumped, and if theres any little niggles with either of those bikes i should know about i would love to hear them!

    Cheers in advance peeps,
    The Funk
  2. ZZR's have boring parallel twin engines and an upright riding position, CBR's are much more exciting to ride, just my experience with them.
  3. Thats +1 for the CBR. Thankya
  4. I rode both before I got my bike, though I only rode a RR not a single.

    If you find one in good nic both should be a fine bike. Base your decision on what you want to do with the bike.

    Are you going to commute? Do you want to do some track days? Do you want a sporty position? A more comfortable position for longer trips?

    Both bikes will be fun to ride, if you're a learner you wont out-ride either for a long time.

    BTW, chances are if they are the same price the ZZR will be in better condition. Don't worry about the fairings or about how nice they look, have a look at how they are mechanically.

    Are there any specific things you want to know?

    (Also, if you have a choice IMO ZXR250's are better bikes than CBR's which is why I bought one.)
  5. I also think ZXR250's are better than CBR's but it's easier to find a good deal on a CBR since there's so many of them.

    Also to clarify i've only ridden the RR as well, not the single R.

    Another option if you decide to go for the ZZR is the GPX250, which is pretty much the same bike with smaller fairings. I'm not 100% sure but I think repairs would be cheaper on the GPX, as the indicators on the ZZR are built into the fairing, so replacing a smashed indicator = replacing a fairing.

    What is your height? I'm 6 foot and found the CBR a little cramped, but manageable.
  6. Well the main purpose for me will be a daily 20 minute ride from home to my uni in point cook which is light ride, easy traffic, nothing scary or particularly quick, then im guessing on lunchbreaks a quick squirt down around werribee south which has a rather lovely road i actually learned how to drive on many a year ago with a few corners of varying camber and tightness. Also looking to be able to do the obvious cruise down the great ocean road eventually this summer!

    Im just looking for a bike that will do me well for a couple of years at least. Im 6ft and 90kg, have ridden a ZXR250 but theyre out of my price range and i dont know if i was imagining it but it seemed to have a bit of trouble hauling my fat ass around. But that could have just been me not riding it right so i cant fault the bike at this stage.

    Theres not really anything specific i want to know, just riders experiences with either i guess... im off uni at lunchtime tomorrow and have 2 stores in mind both have 1 each of them. Not really worried about scratches or anything, but mechanically they need to be fairly sound as you pointed out, although thanks to having a brilliant dad who would make his own bike bits ive picked up some basic bike knowledge over the years.
  7. Oh and thanks for the heads up guys on the GPX. Having a hunt around now.
  8. I own a Gpx 250 great lil shitheap mine is but I got it known it was in crap condition - yet its survived a 900km round trip and daily use including two slow speed slides/drops - only thing is with your weight id be cautious and I hope someone can clarify this but I don't think you can adjust the suspension on them - my cousin who prob pushes 110kg area at a guess hopped on it and I watched poor old red sadly sag and struggle with him on it(for the record I'm only 65kgs) - overall - great bikes and considering they're basically the same bike from 1986 to 2007 parts are plentiful ...near indestructible by most people's accounts I've read
  9. Sorry forgot to add - don't let the weight thing put you off them as I was just warning you of it in the hope you'd either sit on one or test ride one first instead of taking the chance at having buyers remorse
  10. Oh of course, i dont think ill be buying anything i cant test ride, unless they want to give me an absolute guarantee that anything picked up as faulty on the ride home will be fixed when i return half an hour later.
  11. What I did was just give them a deposit equal to the value of the bike so I could take it on a 30-40 minute ride to make sure everything was fine, I rode about 7 bikes that way, sellers didn't have a problem.
  12. Nice tip that, cheers.
  13. girl I know has a zzr250 she is selling she can"t ride any longer neck injury I think it's a 2001 with 3000k on it. Just gone in for RWC and she is putting on bikesales next week $2500 pm me if you care :) ..... I have pics on my phone

    But my advice would be ride both bike and see which one gives you the biggest smile . Have a mechanic check it out if you don't know much about bikes ..
  14. Thanks for that mainstage, and thank you all for your great advice.
    I have now bought a bike!!!!
    City West Yamaha in hoppers, went down to have a look at a couple of bikes that were on their website, only to be told very sorry we are under new ownership and are redoing the website, havent had the ZZR in months but we do have this GPX which was the awful looking red and blue.... sitting next to it was a beautiful dark blue ninja advertised at $5000...... which he then knocked down to $4300 for me so i took it!
  15. ](*,)](*,)
  16. I am sorry i have displeased you Whiteyy :p Im more than happy with my purchase and the level of support these guys are offering, it wasnt a difficult decision to make, it is quite simply a stunning bike to look at and great to ride, i havent yet seen a bad review of them and it wont kill me unless i do something particularly stupid. If i had to choose between a 2009 model bike and a 1995 model (which is what id been looking at) its a complete no brainer. Had i thought in the first place i could get one in my price range there would have been absolutely no debate at all. Turns out it was able to get it down to my price range.
  17. To answer your questions about weight my zxr gets me around fine and I'm 103kg without gear. If it had trouble getting you around it's possible that you weren't revving it enough, you need to get it above 11,000rpm if you want it to disco. Or it could have been a clapped out bike like many of these I4 250 race reps are.

    It was better when I was 88kg and I reckon the parellel twin in a ZZR/GPX/250r would do a better job because it has more torque down low.

    Enjoy the new bike! You may have been able to get a decent ZXR for $4.3k but it's never a guarantee with grey imports and if the 250r is anything like the ZZR's I've ridden it should do great for commutes and a bit of fun.

    Bring it down to the Saturday learner practices in St. Kilda once you're ready to make the trip.
  18. lol na the cousin only rid it up the end of the driveway (and realistically his riding skills make mine look like a wasted bit of the riding gods sperm with countless hours of riding ...sydney to perth ride's and about 40 hours on the track)....and the gpx happily kicks in harder at 7-8 thou ...6th gear will be 11 thou at 140 area fairly easily

    alas being bedridden due to a stack gives me time to purchase new rear wheel and boots so i'm stuck trolling the interwebs annoying you all....so my bad =D
  19. Will do TGM, and yes it was me in regards to it not hauling around too well... mine seems to have a bit more grunt than my mates, i think she might have been shafted a bit. Shes got the same year as mine, less ks on it. My baby has a rather nice sounding after market pipe on it i had to get the dealer to baffle for me as the first question i asked when he started it was "Will that get me done by the EPA?"

    I think ive gotten a bloody bargain. Might be my old man looking after me (I actually found $25 today in the pocket of his leathers that havent been used in 11 years!!!)
  20. 330806_10150285381012684_739617683_8108900_548638639_o.

    My new baby is the Blue one :)