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ZZR 250 Street Fighter

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Sicarius, Jul 25, 2005.

  1. Hey guys...Tim Here...my fairing are buggered on my ZZR 250 and i was thinking of turning it into a street fighter...has anyone had any experience on what it could/would look like...and any opinions on it..

    any feedback would be great
  2. :shock:

    Enjoy the ZZR for what it is....
    Get some fairings from a wrecker, sell it and buy a naked.
    Get a Hornet!
    10 points for thinking outside the square though!
    Daz. :wink:
  3. Check out some streetfighter websites and look for bikes with similar frame layouts. you might get some ideas there. for you bike though i would think that you would be better off replacing fairings. It will be alot easier to do. Fighterizing aint as easy as taking of your fairings. Ask anybody who has tried. Im in a similar situation to you at the moment and am making the same decisions.
  4. Hey Tim
    We've got an overnighter planned in your area first weekend of September (see Events section) see if you can come over to Tamworth sometime during that weekend and meet some of the Netriders. There'll be folks from NSW and Qld and even possibly some of the Melbourne contingent, (where most of the Netriders live and ride). You'd be welcome, whatever you do with the bike.
    {Don't take too much notice of deafwish, he's just bought his bike and he's biaised!!}
  5. Cheers

    Cheers for the invite Hornet...ill put it on my calender...it'll be good to meet some new people to ride with...catch ya all then
  6. Sicarious, a zzr with no fairings looks like them cats with no fur... UGLY!!!!
    When I've taken my fairings off my little zzr, I can't look at it straight in the eyes without laughing. Like Deafwish said, replace the fairings and buy a naked if naked is what you want to be.

    I miss you all.

    YOUR for all the up to the minute news visit www.playdohlive.com ZZR250 PUP

    Oh, for those who haven't seen the PUP rock out recently I'll be playing at the Furnace at Fountain Gate for the next two Fridays.