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ZZR 250 question??

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by DP, Oct 17, 2005.

  1. Picked up bike about a week ago and have noticed that bike never starts the first couple of times I push the start button. If I wait for a few minutes and try again it fires up is this usual :?

    Went for second ride on the weekend and all was going well but when I got onto the freeway noticed that hands were a bit cold - then realised I had forgot to put the gloves on :shock:
  2. well that depends on if the bike is tuned properly and also how your starting it. do you give it a bit of throttle when you start it? how does the bike idle? and what does it idle at
  3. as for the starting first go, mine starts in either hot or cold weather first go.... although in saying that when it's cold it won't idle without the choke....

    as for the gloves..... did you get a bit excited about going for a ride did you??
  4. Going to show my ignorance here - but was not giving it any throttle :oops: That said it doesn't seem to turn over when I initially push the start button - it just gives one click. I think it is idling about 1500 at a guess. maybe it just needs a good service :p
  5. sounds like you battery maybe getting a bit on the older side, also check to see it still has fluid in it.... if it's low it can reduce it's power too
  6. yep, give it a service. mine starts first time every time.
  7. DP - do you use the choke when starting it ?
  8. Doonks - yeah I have been putting the choke about half way - I am a real noob though as I have only started the bike about half a dozen times :wink:
  9. DP.. may just take a bit of getting used to, also depends on if the bike is garaged or parked outside.

    Of the Z's I've ridden.. it's normally ..
    half choke and no throttle..
    I've found that if you twist the throttle they flood easily, and then they can be a biatch to start.

    As for the gloves...
    1. start bike
    2. put on helmet
    3. do up jacket
    4. put on gloves
    5. bike now warmed up, you can take off the choke
    6. have fun, the baby Z's a nice little bike