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ZZR 250, Premium or Unleaded?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Wazzr250, Nov 24, 2004.

  1. Hi guys,
    Another dumb question from me... should I use Premium or Unleaded on a new ZZR-250? The book says 91 RON and higher but doesn't specifically say Premium Unleaded, just Unleaded. I am running it on Premium now (have only done 10 k's since filling up), any advice would be welcome.

    Major Newbie :wink:
  2. Hey,

    Well I only ever put Premium in our bikes.. (BP ULTIMATE mostly)... Once I put just standard unleaded and our bikes (ZZR250 & FZR250) ran like crap :( ...

    But I don't think there is any rules on this.. What ever your bike tells you...

    You could try it with standard and see how it goes... But I don't mind paying the extra for premium cos my bike hates standard..

    Lisa :twisted:
  3. Hey Lisa, it does seem to be running ok and better than the last tank I had (which was the first tank which the bike shop filled with). I suspect the last tank was Unleaded and the Bike Shop dude fibbed when he said he filled it with Premium... it was also only 1/2 filled hehehe.
  4. premium unleaded is best if you can do it .
  5. Good question Wazzr. My zzr250 is a 92 model, and I run it on plain unleaded. Dunno about Premium fuel though.

    Would it REALLY make a difference? Can the fuel experts of Netrider maybe tackle this one? Cause I want to know too. Maybe I can get that extra 2 or 3 kms out of a full tank, or maybe I can surpass my 165 km/ph straight line..... I'll wait 'til police blitz is over before I do of course, and under the supervision of professionals with decals down the side of my bike saying. "Don't try this at home. Stay in school kids and don't smoke."


    YOUR ZZR250 PUP.

    PS if Shannon Noll became a Petrol Station owner, would he change is name to Shannon Ethanoll?
  6. I run an Excel spreadsheet that tracks the bike's fuel economy
    (the engineer in me likes to see the difference due to Servicing and Throttle Aggression).

    Since the first time i fueled the bike i had been running 98 RON (Mobil 8000).
    Then one day i decided to run a test on standard unleaded (Mobil 2000).

    Altough there was not a signficant difference in mileage (i have the figures),
    there certainly was a shift in the performance (Power Delivery -vs- RPM).

    Within 5 fills I had developed carby problems, :eek: :(
    and had to get the fuel system serviced/flushed.

    There is always the possibilty i just caught a bad batch of fuel. :-k

    However, due to the fuel problems,
    combined with the shift in the power profile,
    i have run premium ever since. :D
  7. Thanks guys, Premium it will be! Appreciate all of your feedback.
  8. Just avoid Optimax, or try a bit of it first to seee how ya bike handles it. Most bikes have issues with Optimax due to the density of the fuel. Don't ask me to explain that coz I don't know and only trying to sound smart by repeating what some bike experts told me :LOL:
  9. HELL NO!!!! I wouldn't even try it to see... A friend of mine put in in his ZZR and that bike was never the same again :( ... But it is ok now cos he bought a yzf600-r6 :twisted: :twisted:

    Lisa :twisted:
  10. I tried the BP premium and so far so good although only 10ks travelled so far on it. Will avoid the Optimax.
  11. I used to run my old GPX250 on BP ultimate and used to get an extra 60km or so out of a tank (~360km off unleaded, ~420km off Ultimate). GPX has the same motor as a ZZR.

    I think the difference though is that I had a tank full of Ultimate when i had the bike serviced. Since premium/ultimate etc is a higher density fuel you need less of it to get the same performance as unleaded. You therefore need to get the carbies/fuel injection tuned to the fuel otherwise you have a richer mixture and get carbon deposits on the spark plugs. This will result in rougher running til you rev the crap out of it to blast the carbon off.

    Id run it on premium. Higher octane (less likely to ping under load), cleaner grade, more energy. Just give the engine an extended rev if it starts running rough.

    A good article reference these fuels can be found on the dynobike newsletter Autumn 04: http://www.dynobike.com/news0404.htm
  12. It doesnt matter, it's only a 250 :p
  13. You should run the fuel your bike is designed and tuned for.

    Some low compression engines have trouble with premium (poor starting, missing, fouling plugs) because of it's greater resistance to detonation.

    I've never heard of any probs with high comp motorcycle engines, if fact the detergents in it keep the jets nice and clean.

    Optimax is too dense for the tiny jets in your carbs. Sheel have even admitted that it's not really that great for carbed bikes and cars, unless you rejet for it specifically.