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ZZR-250 Oil level in sightglass

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by ali.allo, Aug 3, 2013.

  1. Hi guys,

    I have a ZZR-250 2006 that had few issues to start up since 2 weeks.

    When checking the oil level few days ago, I noticed that the level was not transparent like I recall seeing it and also like it appears in every pictures on Internet:


    I'm affraid something got into my oil, since the level in the sightglass looks also to be way over the upper limit line... (bike on the center stand)

    what are you thoughts?
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    i'm and idiot and retract my previous post.

    well i must be wrong as you've stolen that photo off the ninja 250 wiki page....:banghead:
  3. How about you post an actual picture of YOUR bike.
    Seems to me like you need to change your oil as it does tend to go darker as it is being used.
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    Hi guys,

    Indeed it is an example picture taken from ninja250 wiki.

    The last oil service has been done 2 months ago (paperwork in hand) with the 1k service by BikeBiz in Sydney (by the previous owner). They put some 15W50 and replaced the oil filter.
    The bike has now about 1400 ks.

    Here are my bike's pictures:

    edit : adding a picture of the gearbox (stiff to pass) with some gunk on it (never noticed before neither)
  5. Second picture is either a leak from the selector shaft seal or it is simply your chain lube splatting around everywhere when hot and running out the top of the sprocket cover.

    And the oil colour is not that bad. Are you using premium fuel?

    15W50 is a little heavy weight oil for that bike

    Your bike only has a 2litre sump capacity. Not a lot so would dirty fairly quickly. Just remember oil isn't supposed to stay honey coloured for it's whole life. Otherwise it won't be doing it's job properly.
  6. Does that even have oil in it ? is it dark because there is NO oil to be seen ?
  7. No no there is oil, the sight glass is transparent when bike is on the side stand and oil pressure light goes away normally.

    Yes RRDevil, my first refuel was premium fuel from a independent company and the second yesterday was BP Premium 95 (looked blue I think).

    What worries me as well is the level looks way over the max line.
  8. I've overfilled my zzr with oil once in the past - oil ended up in the air box and leaking down from around there down to kickstand gearbox area - perhaps drain the oil an measure how much is there then put back in the proper amount if incorrect
  9. A few thoughts.
    1. Stuff gets in your oil, oil goes through filter, stuff gets filtered out. That's how it works.

    2. Your oil level will self regulate - if other liquids (petrol) are getting into the sump you will get blow-by as the extra pressure and volume forces oil out the crankcase into the airbox and into the engine to burn away.

    3. The shop overfilled and put heavy weight oil in. They think you might have blow-by. More than likely a just-in-case measure.
  10. Thanks everyone for your replies. I will keep an eye on the airbox for a blow-by!
  11. Oh and a bit of blow-by isn't the end of an engine and without major work is effectively inoperable. Just need to keep an eye on oil level.