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ZZR 250 Not Starting

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Mik84, Apr 13, 2005.

  1. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions i could try.

    I rode the bike from sydney down to Albury and back over the weekend and she never missed a beat. Put her back in the garage sunday night and switched her off and havent touched it until today. Went to go for a ride today and she wont start. Turn it on and everything comes on as usual, press the starter which works fine but it wont start. I suppose its kinda like there isnt any fuel or something but theres a good few litres in there. So yeah just wondering if anyone might have some advice.

  2. You sure about the fuel thing, doesn't need to go on reserve? You could try taking your plugs and sniffing them, if they get you high then it's not a fuel related issue.
  3. well i hadnt hit the reserve before getting home but it would be close. But i have clicked in over to reserve and that doesnt seem to work either.

    I dont follow with the plugs..
  4. Basically if your plugs are soaked in petrol (and therefore a bit smelly) then it's getting fuel ok so it must be electrical (no spark/weak spark).

  5. Ahh ok, i spose ill have to start pullin off some off the fairing to get to the plugs. Shouldnt be the plugs themselves though i just had them replaced a couple of weeks ago...

    Thanks for the help though
  6. Right, someone had to ask, so it might as well be me -
    you haven't bumped the engine kill switch?
  7. Lol nah checked that. The starter actually works but nothin happens from there, she usually starts straight away.
  8. never mind got the thing goin. Wen and got some more fuel put it in. Kept holdin down the starter for like 30 seconds until somethin happened. After a bit she eventually started. DUnno what it was, shouldnt have been the fuel though.
  9. Oh thanks for the help too guys
  10. possibly the bike was very warm after the big ride? it shouldn't happen, but you petrol might have evaporated in the carbs and fuel line. it takes a little while to fill the line and carbs before you'll start getting petrol to the motor so that would explain why you just needed to turn it over heaps to get it going.
  11. Well, I am going to state the obvious..but when I took my ZZR touring to NSW I rode her one day to Jindabyne, the next day the biatch wouldnt start! The lights etc would turn on, but she just would not kick over. Had to bump start the bike and it took a bit..same would happen if I left her 3 days witout starting it at home....turned out battery was on it's last legs. Can only suggest throw a charger on and see how full the battery is?
  12. Yeah id assume it was just maybe lacking fuel in the lines. Hasnt happened before though and ive done the trip heaps of times. Definately not the battery, i was surprised it didnt start dying while i was trying to start it though, i gave it a good beating. ANyways thanks for everyones help once again.
  13. Check your spark.

    Pull off a lead and put it on a good spark plug (not in engine). Earth the side of the plug (the side of the engine is best), then hit the starter.

    If you get a strong blue spark then it's ok and I would be looking for fuel problems.

    If not check all the connections to the coils and lead etc.

    The fact that it's not firing at all points (no pun intended) to electrical problems