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zzr 250 need light

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by tinkerbike, Feb 24, 2005.

  1. after riding my zzr 250 for months, the headlight just went, after shaking and tapping the bike the light came back on, then it dissappeared.
    that was the last time any one has seen it.
    any advice much appreciated.
    might be time to get a 600

  2. <lame>

    headlight: $10
    600cc bike: $7000k

    buying a new bike because ur headlight went.. priceless ;)

  3. heya tinkerbike,

    likely the globe has blown/burnt-out.
    the globe is a normal 3 prong car globe (55/65 watts).

    it has low and high beam filaments,
    not likely for both to fail at the same time.
    as a test try flicking the switch to high beam.

    from memory you can get to the globe without removing the fairing.
    (may help to have some long needle nose pliers)

    once you pull it out have a close look at it,
    if you see a dangly bit of wire (filament) that would explain why it worked when shaken.
  4. i dont mean get new bike cause of headlight, cant ride a 250 forever lol
  5. :LOL:

    take it easy mate, if you rode a zzr250 you'd probably want to get a new bike too :roll: :LOL:
  6. been using the GPX 250 manual i got online and trying to find the fault during this process i have had the light come on, only to lose the light once i switched the ignition off and then back on. i took the ignition apart(watch for bearings and springs that will try and depart your presence) thanks for help so far