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zzr 250 leaking oil/coolant

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by 87crisis, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. i aim to stop dicking you guys about and atleast try and do some research for answers and make use of the search function to stop being flamed for being a dick

    ...that aside i rode home the other day after doing a oil change to see smoke coming up from the engine/underside of the bike about 5 mins from home when stopped at a set of lights i was concerned but not concerned enough to call it quits and park up

    ...turned up home and parked the bike and within 2 mins watched about 30-50ml area of what looks to be oil leak down onto my left side muffler and ground...got it to the olds the next day and started to strip the fairings off (thinking maybe i can sus this one out myself and not have to hassle people and actually ****ing learn something worthwhile in the process) and me and the old fella noticed a few things

    ...there was oil and a wet base of a hose connection ontop of what i presume to be the gearbox the coolant seemed to be leaking from it's white box on left side of the bike yet first inspections there didn't seem to be a fault in the hose/clamp ...there was oil in what i again presume..to be my airbox and looking from under it it seemed as if it was leaking slowly towards the back of it closest to the battery....then to top it off...front bottom end of engine seemed to be cleaned of gunk and glossy as if there was a leak there...

    now...up until i stopped riding her there was no real issue with the clutch or gear changing...she's always been abit slow to respond compared to the old gpx but i've long since gotten used to that (read reviews explaining this) so over-all there didn't seem to be any real performance issue's leading upto this...my aim here is to try and diagnose the problem asap as it's my only vehicle and if it's not too detailed/fiddly of a job i'd like to get ontop of it myself...failing that i'd like to know if possible what's wrong so i can simply request what i want done if i was to get the bike carted down to a mechanics as opposed to having them dick about costing me money diagnosing the problem and me as a general note being none-the-wiser ...apologies as always for the novel here guys....here's some pics - as you come to expect from me...not the best..

    any questions or thing's that you'd like me to check up feel free to ask...permitting it's not about petrol and burning the bike to the ground....i've heard enough jokes about getting the jerry can from the shed to just burn the ****er to the ground from my old man as is (harley rider)
  2. *bangs head on wall* sorry....it's a 1994 zzr-250 ..38k on the clock and one other thing....we couldn't really see a dramatic reduction in the oil level indicator regardless of the bike probably dripping out 2-300ml area (probably worsened by my riding it to the parents) ....the old fella pointed out the coolant was near empty...by the time i moved the bike out the backyard and took pictures it was completely empty