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zzr 250 imported

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by timo66, Mar 6, 2009.

  1. Looking at a zzr 250 imported it has rwc and a bike inspection report it is pretty spotless 1996 model with only 16000 on the clock going for around 3700.I like the bike but i am worried about it being an import, shold i be worried!.Thanks.

  2. Maybe, might have been sitting in a Japanese shipping yard for a decade. Try & find out how long it's been here if you can. Other than that spares are easy to find, they're (I believe) identical to the aus version.

    That said, it seems a high price for a grey import especially one as common as a ZZR... Try to get the price down (a lot!) or get an aus released one for the same price, preferably with a service history.

    They are a good first bike

    Good luck!
  3. If you want to beleive that a 12 year old bike has only 16000km on it, be my guest.
  4. agreed.

    mines a 2006 and its done 16000. mind you ive done almost 5000 of them.
  5. It's possible with Japanese bikes - but then that just means it's been sitting somewhere for a very long time without moving. And that introduces its own problems, instead of parts wearing out they degrade and corrode.

    Getting back on topic, when you say it's spotless have you looked at more than just the paintwork on the fairings? The hard to see/reach places are what you really need to look at, and if you don't know what you're looking for it's well worth asking/paying someone who does to check it for you (edit: I wouldn't necessarily trust an inspection report provided by the seller ;)).
  6. All the ZZR's are imports. Most are AUS delivered but still imported. I wouldn't let the fact that it wasn't AUS delivered put you off.

    If it has an AUS compliance plate on it and the rego papers match it will be just as good as an AUS delivered one.

    I think you have to be lucky to find a older 250 that has a documented service history. Most are only kept for a year or so then moved on to the next learner. That 12 year old bike may have had 8 or so owners. You only need one to lose the book and the history is gone.

    If someone has checked it out and said it is ok then you should be fine. Offer a price your happy with and away you go.
  7. Thanks for your help,the bike is being sold by brett at m@#$er so i am confident it should be okay just worried that for a 96 it does have really low kilometres.
  8. Or really high kms - remember, there's no 100,000 digit ;).
    Also possible that's not the bike's original odometer (or engine).

    If it seems okay though then go for it. I bought a grey import with 20,000 on the odometer - still got another 30,000 out of it without any problems (probably still be running if a car hadn't killed it).
  9. Yes, if you want to be technical, all bikes in Australia are imports in that none are made here (that I know of).

    What he means is a Grey import, imported from Japan or similar with laws that make it uneconomical to have an older vehicle.

    True, they are the same, but the grey imports tend to go to holding yards, then get sold off overseas by the container load to countries where they are still viable, like Aus. What we don't know is how long it was in that holding yard, how many parts are original yada yada yada. :grin:
  10. My ZZR is a 1994 and only had 30k km or so on the clock.
    I wouldn't worry too much about the KM, worry more about the mechanical condition, and if it seems ok, go for it. They are a good, fun bike to learn on.
  11. I have a 2000 model ZZR which only has 8Kms on the clock and I ride it daily :grin:
    Although earlier today it had 99999.9Kms on it :LOL:

    You should be able to tell by the condition if it has been around the cock