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NSW ZZR 250 gone

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by stokedpaz, Jul 4, 2011.

  1. Hey guys. I didn't think I would have to be posting in this thread, but my bike has gone!

    I was watching moto GP at a mates last night, rode home and now my little 250 has gone missing. I have spend all morning on the phone trying to sort this out. How frustrating. It seems like everything just goes wrong with bikes. You get all the little niggly things that you need to fix and then someone takes it from you.

    It is a 2002 model zzr 250. Silverish a cream in colour. If you saw someone around the inner west riding it this morning can you please let me know.

    Edit: Is there somewhere I can look up my engine or vin number? It would be on my rego papers yeah?
  2. Rotten news :(
    Yes, your engine number and VIN are on your rego papers

    Talking through a tap on my Galaxy S!
  3. Thanks mate. Will have to find papers at mum and dad's place when I head over next. This is so frustrating, school holidays have just started, so I thought I'd be in for a few old road rides. People who steal things must plan, so they get the victim at really inconvenient time.
  4. Sorry to hear that, hope it turns up in one piece
  5. Hope you find it Paz. Nice littles rides they are :(
  6. Shit go dude, what was the rego? Any pics?
  7. Rego is THK36.


  8. Hey stokedpaz, really bummed to hear about the bike. I am Haberfield based and will keep a good eye out for it.
  9. I hope you get it back!!... them little 250's leave a mark eh?? I still have mine even tho I have the upgrade!....
  10. Damn man, and i thought 250s were safe to have...
    Hope it finds its way back to you in as nice condition as it looks there.
  11. Exact same colour as mine! No word or anything from the 5-0?
  12. shit go bro im in the mt druitt area il keep an eye out for it hope you get it back
  13. No word yet, fingers crossed. I could be riding right now! Sunny days, two weeks off work and no bike. It really sux!
  14. That sucks man good luck in finding it
  15. i'm out west i'll keep my eyes open...shit go