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ZZR-250 electrical power issues **resolved**

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by brownyy, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. Hey all;

    Not sure if this is the best section to put this under so mods please feel free to move.

    Last night my bike started doing funny things on the MR and this morning it would start as if it had a flat battery (well it did really).

    OK i'll list the symptoms, and while i suspect alternator, can people please confirm or correct me before i ask my parts guy to order one in, thanks.

    I've got heated grips that draw around 36W according to the packaging, and i've had them for 5-6 months now. The bikes general running (well before last night), when the idicator was on the remaining lights (headlight, tail light, instrument lights) would dip Slightly when iderling, and not ever noticable when revving.

    However last night after riding the bike for 20-30 minutes i noticed that when i used the indicator for a corner the lights were REALLY dipping out, almost losing the headlight. Flash forward 30 minutes and i'm corner marking, indicator on bike iderling. The headlights were dipping again, however, once it idled for a while, the dipping stopped as if the battery had a chance to charge (though iderling???) and the indicator was not affecting any other lights.

    45minute corner mark i ride the bike for a further 25 minutes revving around 8-12 grand the whole way, use the indicator and the remaining lights start dipping again. Got to the end point, battery was flat, push start rode home no dipping, wouldn't start this morning.

    So, alternator, battery or regulator??? Any thoughts on this one as to why it was fine when iderling and shot when revving??? Any advice or experience would be appricated.

    Thanks all.
  2. While this should be in technical and troubleshooting :p ;) ...

    I would measure the output of the altenator with a multimeter, but could also be the regulator...

    Charge the battery and see if the bike starts as per normal, then look at other things.
  3. batteries are notoriously bad esp in the older models. my sister-in-law has a similar problem as you described and it ended up being a dodgy battery. if your not toolminded then just take it into a mechanic and they can use a multimeter in 2 min and tell you what the problem is.
  4. alrightly cheers, i priced newy's today; $540 for an alt and $240 for a reg, damn!!!! first i gotta find some spare time on the weekend between moving house, a suit measure up for a wedding, and a party i said yes to. Haven't spent too much time inside the engine, gotta find the thing first, any idea how many amps these things are meant to put out??
  5. Check the contacts on your battery, sometimes loose terminals mimic those problems you have.
  6. you rock smee, loose positive terminal. jump started the bike from the car, let it charge, seemed to be starting fine and charging at around 14 volts.

    checking if the terminals were tight with fingers they seemed fine, however i attempted to tighten them with a screw driver and the positive terminal screw got a good 2 turns through it.

    hopefully with was the case and it doesn't come to bite me on an MR or when i'm running late for work...

    thanks all for your help
  7. glad it worked (hopefully)
    My old CD250U had the exact same problem when i put in a brand new battery and it was mimicking the exact same problems as yours.
    I took it to Pablos who had one quick look took out a spanner and tightened the positive terminal on my bike and problem solved.
    didn't charge me but said I should always make sure I tighten up the terminals beyond finger tightening. :wink: