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zzr-250 died on citylink.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by paynebrody, May 2, 2009.

  1. hey everyone.

    i was riding home from work the other night on citylink when my zzr started to lose power, cough and splutter and die as i rolled to a stop on the shoulder. it was as if i had run out of fuel but i still had quite a bit in the tank. i thought it may have been dirty fuel but my tank and the fuel in it looks spotless. however i think the previous owner had seldom ridden it so the fuel is possibly pretty old. it had drizzled rain earlier that day so my bike got a bit wet but this didnt seem like and electrical problem. maybe it was water in the fuel? when i got to riversdale rd it did the same thing and i had to push my bike onto the footpath. in both instances i put the fuel switch to prime and back to on and after a few min it started as if nothing had happened. any ideas as to what may be happening? im a bit worried to ride it in case it dies in a busy intersection.
    thanks guys,

    p.s. BIG thankyou to whoever it was that pulled over to help me out and tailed me to the burke rd exit.
  2. Refill the tank with a fresh batch of fuel, also (many will think it won't do anything but it has worked for me in the car,) some fuel cleaner like the fuel injector cleaner (works on carbed bikes as well)
  3. were you travelling around 100kph for a while? my bike would lose power and die if i ever took it on a highway, but was fine all day around town. i pulled the tank off and it was a kinked and cracked fuel line. also check your fuel filter, it should be a clear thing in the fuel line.
  4. I think this is the pertinent point. My inexperienced guess would be that the diaphragm in the fuel tap that allows fuel to flow when the engine is running and the fuel tap is set to 'ON' or 'RESERVE' has failed, which means that no fuel is flowing when the tap is set to either of these positions.
    'PRIME' bypasses this diaphragm, and so each time it stopped you filled the float bowl, which got you a little further until you used the fuel in the carburettor.

    To test, ride around to use the petrol (or have it idle on the stand if you don't want to ride it) until it dies. Get off, and watch the fuel line as you turn the tap to 'PRI'. If you can see fuel flow down the line (ie: the line was not already full of fuel), then this is your problem. Assuming your fuel line is transparent of course.

    Fix by fitting a new diaphragm, or take it to a mechanic and explain your problem.

    Let us know how you get on...
  5. i think fuel may have been the issue. i took the tank off, check all the lines, check air filter, plugs etc and it all seemed fine. i was getting very slow throttle response and if i was too quick on the gas it would cut out. however, i drained the tank this morning and put new fuel in with a bit of injector/carb cleaner and it seems to have done the trick! i only went for a short ride but it doe seem a lot healthier and the the throttle response thing seems to have cleared up. time will tell whether or not its all good, hopefully im not on the highway if it happens again. i went to check the fuel filter but, correct me if im wrong, zzrs dont have one. unless i was too silly to see it, i might add one into the line. can i use any bike filter? i assume a car filter would restrict flow too much?
    thanks guys,
    by the way, what colour is unleaded fuel? the stuff that came out of the tank looked like urine and the new stuff i got looked clear with a blue green tinge..
  6. this might help

    im guessing because u got to citylink fine ~ 60-70km/h but when u got to 100kph it dies

    again kinks in fuel line/filter blockage/crap in tank. maybe pump out fuel and use in lawn mower. chuck in one batch of 98 fuel to clean it up (detergents in fuel althou shell website said all fuels have detergents, 98 must be better?)

    try a search next time might have fixed ur problems earlier then waiting for us lazyass jobless bums :LOL:

    tell us how u go
  7. Excellent, hope the problem is fixed - you'll just have to go for a decent ride to somewhere fun to make sure (what a shame)!

    Your new fuel is the right colour - it goes yellow with age (and leaves a yellow 'varnish' which can clog up your fuel system.
  8. Yeah, a a GPX/ZZR-250 doesn't have a fuel filter as standard.

    There is a how-to guide here. Don't use a car filter, since the ZZR is gravity fed (i.e. does not have a fuel pump) and won't be able to overcome any serious resistance.

    Personally, I haven't installed a fuel filter because I (a) use premium fuel, (b) never leave the bike unused for more than a week, and (c) can't be bothered with another consumable on an already high maintenance machine. :wink:
  9. Fuel goes yellow??? i fuel up the other day and it came outta the pump yellow...I GOT JIBBED
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    I bought a Bike once and the previous owner had painted it with a paintbrush, Fuel Cap and all. He had blocked the air inlet on the Fuel cap. it's only the size of a Pin hole. After 40km it would cut out. The best way to diagnose it is, if the tank is not getting air, is you will hear a suction sound when you remove the Fuel Cap.