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ZZR-250 Clicking Sound - now with a possible oil leak! :(

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Schwer, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. My ZZR has started producing this uneven clicking sound when it warms up - once I put it into gear and ride away it doesn't make the sound anymore. I'm not entirely sure where it's coming from, but it appears to be low down on the bike, maybe next to the pegs (that said, it could really be anywhere - my directional hearing isn't that finely tuned).

    It's pretty much happened suddenly - I haven't done anything lately except clean the front sprocket (I figure it's not that because the chain doesn't turn when it warms up) and slightly tweaking the idle mixture - but it didn't start happening straight after that, it took a few days.

    Is it likely to be the valve clearances? And if I keep riding my bike will it eventually explode and blow my nads off? Thanks :).
  2. Give us a bit more info. Could be nothing or it could be the big end bearing on the way out.

    Get off and have a good listen for it. Tell us exactly where its coming from, and if its the same on both sides. Does it increase with, change in volume, or disappear altogether with higher engine speed? Is it still there when the bike is warm?

    The mileage your bike has covered may also give us a clue.

    Cheers - boingk
  3. It's not there when the bike is warm, and it only occurs at higher engine speeds - I've been warming my bike up with full choke which is probably bad, and that's when it occurs, but if I warm it up with just enough choke I can't hear it. I do sometimes hear a few clicks when I'm riding at low speed down the footpath though, I've just noticed.

    It's a '95 ZZR, about 21000km.

    I'll try listening again on both sides :).
  4. might be the cam tensioner if it is random.. they do that.. if you are able remove it and clean it up and put it back in. they seem to like to be reset for some reason..
    other than that with not much info i am not sure..
    check the awsomness container. it may be low

    edit - is it a click or a clunk ?
  5. Most likely the clutch basket assembly... makes a big CLUNK CLUNK CLUNK sound when cold and in neutral...

    Apparently its very common on ZZR250's and nothing to worry about, but is a pain in the ass and doesn't sound very good lol

    Will go away when the bikes warm or when you pull the clutch in or drop get into gear.
  6. It's definitely a click - sounds kind of like the sound a car makes just after you've turned it off and it's cooling down, though a bit different.

    And yeah, not the clutch basket thing - I had that already and it's annoying too :(.

    Anyway, tried to have a listen this morning and it clicked twice then didn't click again, so I couldn't have a better listen.

    Also, the awesomeness container is 100% full whenever I'm riding the bike :cool:. Unless that's a euphemism for oil or brake fluid or something, which I guess I should check.
  7. Fuel pump, maybe??
  8. dont have one
  9. Sorry to make this thread and then abandon it, been busy.

    I'm pretty sure now that the clicking is coming from next to my feet, because I've just noticed that I either have an oil leak around the front sprocket or it's throwing off huge amounts of lube.

    Anything know anything about what would cause oil to seep out around the front sprocket on a ZZR? Is there a seal I can replace or something?
  10. chain lube isnt all that runny compared to motoroil; depends what chain lube u use. if you think oil is leakign from your gearbox, check your engine oil levels, if its much lower it might jsut be a leak.

    have you topped up your engine oil recently? if you have put too much in it can seep out and just might be coincident that u have clicking sound of some other sort
  11. I think the oil explanation is a bit optimistic. I took the front sprocket cover off, and I've noticed that all the "oil" is ridiculously sticky, and the stuff that's landed on the sprocket cover has clearly been flung by the sprocket rather than seeping. Engine oil is the same as ever - and I haven't topped it up of late.

    I think I'll try the cam tensioner thing. Hopefully I don't break anything too much.
  12. to pull out and reset is pretty easy as is to replace.
  13. Sorry I abandoned this thread again - better finish it off in case someone has the same problem and finds it on search.

    In the end I had to to take it to the mechanic anyway to get the rear brake pad done (I don't trust myself to work on brakes) so I asked him about it - he said it was the CCT (spot on OldBellHelmet ;)), and it'd last until the next service until it needed replacing. Thanks for all your help everyone :).