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ZZR-250 Carb cleaning (Resolved =D )

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Snowman, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. Hi guys, I have had some troubles with my bike in the past and found out that there was rust and paint flakes in my fuel tank, so I grabbed a new one from a wreckers (clean inside) and put it on, the bike went great for 10 minutes or so, then all of a sudden it dies because the carbs are all gummed up (ive had the problem a few times before so recognize it) there must have been just enough crud in the filter or something to clog the carbs. So I got a new filter and have pulled my carbs out and have a few questions for you guys :grin:

    This is gonna be hard to describe cause I dont know what the bits are called lol, but on the right hand side carb hole dealy, the plastic thing with the diaphragm on the end doesnt go right up... i can still see a lip of plastic when i push it up, but the other side goes right up and is flush with the metal body. is this normal? or should i pull the cap off and check it out?

    Also I couldnt get the float bowl covers off (where i suspect the crud is) because the screws just wont budge and I am just stripping the heads off them. so i got as much cleaner in there as i could and left them on, will this still work? i have also left the carbs in a bucket of petrol with some carb cleaner addative mixed in too will this help? and do you guys reckon i should pull all the hoses off before i leave it over night? it still has the idol adjustment hose thing there and two rubber hoses will these be damaged by the chemicals?

    Sorry if that was hard to understand Im tired not feeling very eloquent right now, but i appreciate any help you guys can send my way.

  2. Would love to help ya mate but carbs / suspension are about the only two things on the ZZR I haven't had to mess about with... maybe post a few pics up?
  3. Yeah I might do that, I took pics so I know where everything goes.

    The carbs were really easy to get out and look like they will be just as easy to put back in. I also stumbled across the air filter while I was mucking around in that area :p
  4. I did my carbs just recently (for the first time). To get the screws out just put the screwdriver on them and give it a bit of a hit with a hammer to jar them. Mine were quite tight too. I did alot or research about recoeing the carbs cos not doing it before i wanted to make sure I new a bit at least.

    I read that the rubber bits in them dont like carb cleaner and will stuff up so took all the rubber bits off before i hit them with the cleaner.
  5. Re: ZZR-250 Carb cleaning

    Hey guys thanks for the help regarding the carbs, but my bike still wont start. the carbs no longer drop fuel when i try to start so im pretty sure they arent the problem. i checked the spark plugs and they both had oil all over them? i cleaned them off and tested them and they both sparked good but why were they covered in oil? should i just replace them? also after i replaced them and tried to start i got a puff of white smoke from my airbox, whats up with that?? :shock:
  6. oil on the plugs (do you mean on the outside of the plug or on the electrode) doesnt sound good as the oil is coming from somewhere it shouldnt be.
    how long did you try to start the bike for? when i did mine it took a little bit to get it going.
    might be a stupid thing to ask but did you put the correct plug leads back on the right plugs?
    dont know about the white smoke tho as i havent been around bikes to long.
  7. Re: ZZR-250 Carb cleaning (update - still not starting)

    Right, bike still wont start. I noticed the oil level in the window seemed too high so i drained it and it came out like water! :shock: so i guess it was full of fuel or something? anyway im heading out to get a new filter and spark plugs now, hope my engine isnt dead :(
  8. Was it going ok before this or not?
    If so what have you done to it before this, just back track and see if you did something you shouldnt have or forgot something.
  9. Yeah it was running sweet, and I dont think the bike has been started with fuel in the oil, because a few days ago I tried to bump start it, and after one try in 2nd that failed i tried to shift it into 3rd, but the gear lever was stuck, I got it into neutral and it will only go into 1st now, so im guessing this is because the gearbox uses the engine oil as well? The oil was changed a few weeks ago and the old stuff came out normal.
    Anyway I couldnt get the filter or spark plugs because its sunday and everythings closed, so ill try tomorrow.

    Is it possibly not starting because of the fuel in the oil? possibly splashing the spark plugs or something? i dont know much about how engines work but gees i am learning with this bike.

    Also if I get it going again is there anything else I will have to do because of the fuel in the oil? will it have stripped or damaged seals or greasy bits?

    Thanks for all the help man I appreciate it, but it just seems to be one thing after another with this little bike :?
  10. G'day Snowman,

    Sad to hear your ZZR is being a temperamental little twat. When they are working they are a smashing little bike!

    Yes, the gearbox and engine share the same oil and sump.

    The reason you can't get the bike beyond first is because of Kawasaki's "positive nuetral finder", which means when the bike is stationary it will not shift up into second, in order to aid the rider in finding neutral. Roll it down a slope and it will happily shift into second.

    I have next to zero mechanical knowledge, but sounds like at one point the carbs leaked fuel into the cylinders (maybe the fuel selector switch was left on "prime"?) to the point at which the cylinders flooded and leaked fuel past the piston rings or into the engine's top end. This fouled your plugs and engine oil.

    Hopefully changing the plugs, oil and filter will remedy the situation. Don't worry about the gaskets or piston rings or anything like that at the moment, you will be able to tell if you're having any probs with them after you've had the bike running again for a few hours of riding.

    I would recommend you put some relatively cheap oil in the first time round (everyone on this forum seems to bang on about Caltex's Delo 400), so that you can change out the oil again after a few hours of riding and check to see whether (a) there is any more fuel in the oil, and (b) there is any gunk in the filter that shouldn't be there.

    Best of luck, Alex
  11. hey mate, yeah i tried rolling the bike around and stuff but no go lol, silly thing, i havent tried since though. and thanks for the oil advice i will grab some cheap stuff for the time being and see how it goes.

  12. If your bike went fine before, then you messed with the carbs and it doesn't start, my money's on the carbs being the problem. Are you sure you haven't accidentally messed with the idle mixture knob?

    Also, I'd really recommend you take the bottom off and look at the float bowls - the screws won't budge because they're japanese spec and made out of swiss cheese. You need an impact driver to take them off, then you should replace them with proper ones - there's a full guide to it at the ninja 250 wiki. You should balance them too.

    Are you sure there was fuel in the oil? Whenever I've drained the oil the bike's been warm, but it's always pretty watery when it's coming out - you only really notice the viscosity when it's in the oil pan.

    Also, try starting it will full choke on - might help if you've messed up the mixture.
  13. Hey Schwer, the bike was running fine BEFORE the carbs got clogged and THEN i messed with them lol, i didnt just pull them out for no reason haha.

    And Im pretty sure it was fuel in there, I noticed I couldnt see the oil level in the window because it was too full, and when i pulled the bolt out, it gushed out like water, there wasnt a hint of thickness at all like there normally is with new, or old oil, it was like turning on the kitchen tap. Plus it smelled like fuel.

    Yep, if I can get it going again I may pull the carbs again and do a balance and stuff, and pull the bowls off, or take it to a mechanic to do, but for now I would just like it to run (even badly)

    thanks mate :)
  14. Hey guys guess what? I changed the oil and the plugs and bam! she started up first try without any hassle. Just got back from a test ride and all was good, I took it easy at first and then redlined it a few times when I gained confidence that it wasnt gonna blow up underneath me. I love my bike, who needs an R1? :LOL:

    So thanks for all the advice guys it was really helpful! Hopefully I can help you guys out someday if your bike stuffs up :p

  15. Thats good to hear dude. hope it keeps going for you.
    And as to who needs an r1??? ummm me :cool: :cool: :cool:
  16. Well, if someone was ever desperate to swap their R1 for my ZZR, Im sure Id help them out :grin: