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ZZR 250 Cam Chain

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by walkahz, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. Hi All
    Girlfriend recently brought a '97 zzr 250 ninja. In great condition except for a really loud engine rattle that I have put down to the cam chain. Looking at many different websites and workshop manuals they all say that the bottom end of the engine has to come off thus making it quite a large job but I should be able to handle it myself.
    Does anyone who has performed this fix before have any tips or tricks I might find usefull.
    Also what other parts except for the chain itself will I need? I figure the clutch and stator cover gaskets but anything else?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. How many kms does the bike have?

    Reason I ask is that the chain itself may well be fine, more likely the problem's with the cam chain tensioner, though if it's been rattling a while then the plastic guides within the engine are probably stuffed by now as well. Someone had a very similar problem with an EX250 not that long ago:

    Given the tensioner can be removed fairly easily, I'd be starting with that before pulling the engine down. It's going to have to be replaced if you change the chain anyway.
  3. Has 37000 kms
    I was hoping it would be the tensioner too but even after taking it out multiple times to reset it and even making a manual tensioner the rattle remained. Im going under the assumption that the guides will be stuffed too but i will look at the condition when i remove them.
  4. Seems odd to have died so early, but I guess these things can happen.
    Good luck with it.
  5. Are you absolutely sure it is the timing chain? As I have seen many zzr250's with that amount of k's that have had big end bearing failures. If the rattle is there at idle & goes away when reved, then it may be the usual clutch basket rubbers that have deteriorated, or timing chain. Then again if the noise is not there at low rpm, but comes in after rpm is raised past a certain point, then maybe big end. If the engine is really noisy all the time then could be a really bad timing chain or big end.
  6. start bike, put in gear, put front wheel against wall. (straight on), front brake on.
    SLOWLY release clutch lever until there is a load on engine. If clunk/clunk/clunk noise starts, I would expect crankshaft rather than camchain..
    This is what i do, if you do a burn out and get caught by the cops theyll take your bike off you for a month for 'hooning'. they might take it anyway, because everyone knows that alcohol kills more people than hoons but hoons are highly visible and easier to catch..