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zzr 250 brake pad and tire options?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by kyo3email, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. Question:
    Does the zzr 250 have any other brake brake pad and tire options?

    If it does i was wondering upon some recommendations.

    I went to my local motor bike store, which said there wasn't any choice in terms of zzr brake pads. But i have read us forums which say there are.

    Also in terms of tires, i was looking for something a little sticker than the standard arrowmax's.

    and heck while i'm asking questions, i was also wonderin if anyone knows where in syd i might source a cheapish sv650 rear shocky. ebay hasn't turned up any results for me...

  2. Answering your last question first - https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=59660

    Stores should be able to give you a choice in brand and pad type for your brakes, there isn't only one for a ZZR.

    In terms of tyres, you might want to try a set of Sport Demons or BT45's. Both are quite good tyres, in the wet too.
  3. ginji

    Thanks just the info i was looking for!
  4. +1 sport demons
  5. and shop around for tyres.. some bastards will try to bend you over good..
  6. I replaced my std pads with SBS sintered pads (scandinavian brake systems :?: ). The difference was immense, better feel, way more power, less effort required - I should have done it earlier! :grin:

    Tyres... you've probly got dfrnt sizes to me. I put on Dunlop (tt900 :?:) and they are great soft compound. Due to weight of bike (lack of it), still get decent wear out of them.
  7. how much would a set of 17's sport demons cost?
  8. I just put on a pair of BT45s on my ZZR ($290 fitted)

    Couldnt be happier! - Compared with the 8yr old, crumbling square crap I had on before the bike feels like new - corners SOOOO much more easily!
  9. Well, they were an option I looked into recently for my GS500, they where cheaper than Metzler Lasertec, Michilin Pilot Activ and Bridegstone BT-45. $265 the set i think it was. Not sure if the ZZR is the same sizing though, that's for 110/70 front and 130/70 rear.