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zzr 250 air filter cleaning issues

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by 87crisis, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. first and foremost i know i'm hopeless - shut up

    i've got to the point where i've unbolted the petrol tank and bracket under it at the rear...lifted up the two holed lid of the air box - found the air filter sitting in there but am unable to remove it

    is this where someone tells me i have to remove both the petrol tank entirely and the air box or is there a trick to it?

    any details written up would be appreciated hey ](*,)

    for the record the filter is ****ing putrid =/
  2. googled it. :p

    1. Take off seat.

    2. Take off fuel tank.

    3. Unscrew 4 bolts that hold the plate where you insert the front seat lip into when re-attaching the seat.

    4. Directly under the plate will be a black rectangle box ( your air box) with 2 smooth intakes going directly down and rubber band over the top holding the air box down.

    5. Undo the rubber band; hold the box with your fingers through the intakes and pull up to take the air box lid off.

    6. Look inside you will see a piece of foam, which is your filter element.

    7. Take element out and wash in detergent, let it air dry, lightly oil it and wait for it to dry. Re-insert the same way you got it out.

    8. Put everything back, reversing the steps above.
  3. Na even just checked the gpx 250/ninja manual supplement...they're basically the same as the zzr with the exception of a few things ...and my only issue is somehow getting the element out of the retainer/screen as it seems to be solid an unable to open leaving my only options to clean the screen with some rags and then ram paper towel in the bottom of the air box to soak up the gunk/oil left over from the mishap dogs years back with the oil spilling into the airbox - ****ing mechanics told me they cleaned out the air box then - i call bullshit
  4. use google
  5. have searched countless sites before asking up on here ...no success...
  6. Kawasaki has the parts fiches for all of their models on the internet......just only on their Japanese site, and only in Japanese. This is the diagram for the ZZR250 airbox:
    Should make it clear how to get the foam element (11013) out (Part 13091A should hinge backwards and allow access).
  7. Retainer shouldnt be solid? You should be able to pull it back and up, or at the least back so you can pull the element out.
  8. can pull it back but can't open it
  9. All it does is move back, it's permanantly fixed to the bottom of the airbox. The gap you open at the top should be sufficient to grab hold of the foam filter element and pull it out.
  10. nope...almost seems as if there is no filter between it....just habib'd it n cleaned out the shit from the bottom of the airbox and then scrubbed away at the screen for 10 mins gently and then applied a very small amount of filter oil whilst it was pressed back up in it's locked position and let it sit for 30 mins to settle - bout to head off shortly sounds alot more responsive as is when i started it briefly to make sure it didn't blow up lol
  11. If all you're seeing is a metal mesh screen (part 13091) then definitely sounds like the actual filter element is missing. That certainly won't be good for your engine, both in terms of the dirt potentially getting in and doing damage, and the effect it has on how the carbs function (less restricted airflow requires different jetting). Probably explains why you're getting so much blowback into the airbox.

    The filter should look something like this:
  12. Na the blowback was a ****up on my part awhile back when I put too much oil in when doing a oil change but you may well be right - it hasn't blown up on me yet and will be looking to completely overhaul the bike in a month or so anyway (top End rebuild new fork oil new rear suspension new tyres new brakes and now new air filter)