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zzr 1100 fuel pump relay wiring

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by tyggerjai, Jan 7, 2006.

  1. A friend of mine has a 92 ZZR1100 (zx11), with a 4-pin fuel pump relay. The wires for the relay aren't hooked up to the connector block, and neither the internet nor the Kawasaki workshop manuals are very helpful about which wire exactly should go to which pin.

    Apparently, the pins are a "standard" numbering system - pin 30 is fused battery voltage (yellow wire), pin 87 goes to the fuel pump (black-blue wire),
    pin 35 is low amperage supply (red?), and pin 36 is low amperage ground (black). But since the pins on the relay aren't numbered at all, that doesn't help much.

    Can anyone help either with information on what numbers correspond to the pins on the relay, or what color wire should go to each pin on the relay?

    Alternatively, can anyone take pictures of a working one, just of the connector with enough detail to see how the connector would plug into the relay, and then which wires go where? (ie, pictures of the back of the connector don't help much if I can't see the orientation of the connector to the relay)

    Thanks in advance!


  2. To recap: You've got 4 loose wires and a disconnected relay in front of you....
    Take a 12V tester (small screwdriver with light-bulb in the handle), connect the crododile clamp of tester to the battery NEG.
    One of the 4 cables will be LIVE. That's your battery feed (30).
    Another cable of the 4 will come LIVE, when you turn on the ignition, there's your switched POSITIVE, connect to 86.
    Connect crocodile clamp of tester to the battery feed (30) and check the 2 remaining wires. Tester will come on with one of them, there's your NEG/GROUND which goes to pin 85 of the relay.
    Leaves 87 for the switched positive to the fuel pump.
  3. Ah, sorry, I obviously wasn't clear :) I know exactly which *wire* is which - we can trace the yellow one back to the battery via the fuse, the red one to the coil, the blue-black to the pump ... so we know which wire is which.

    What we don't know is which pin they should connect to, because the pins on the relay are not in fact numbered. My research leads me to believe they *should* be, and that they correspond to the standard numbers, but they're not marked, and I don't know enough to know if there's a standard layout that would make it obvious.

    To recap the recap .. how do I know which relay pin is no. 87 if they're not marked, I guess, is what I'm really asking. Hence the request for photos, because the easiest answer might be "You look at one that's assembled and plugged in" :)

    Thanks anyway, though.

  4. Looking at the pin-orientation of the relay (it goes for MOST relays, NOT all):
    3 pins are vertical, 1 horizontal.

    The horizontal is 87 (--> switched POS to fuel pump)
    The vertical pin OPPOSITE 87 is 30 (--> battery POS)

    The other 2 are 85/86.
    Often it doesn't matter which one is used for chassis/battery NEG ...and switching current POS. Different brands, different pin arrangements.
    If in doubt, get another, marked, relay from SuperCheap/Repco, they're only a few bux for a 10A relay (which should be the right size for a fuel-pump).

    Looking at most generic relays (Bosch/ Narva etc)....with the horizontal pin 87 facing down, 85 should be left, 86 right, 30 up top.
    Hope you'll get it going.
  5. Jai, Did you sort out your wiring issues. Can have a look at mine today. Let me know.

    Cheers. :)
  6. YEah, my mate went to a couple of wreckers/second hand dealers and looked at a couple of almost-certainly-working ones which were identical.

    Hsn't fixed his problem, but at least it means the problem isn't the relay.

    Thanks anyway!