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zzr 1100 c oil and fuel warning lights flash

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by calum, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. i have just bought my first bike andit is a zzr 1100c on a 92.
    i have noticed today that whenthe enging gets up to temp when sitting at idle at lights ect the oil and both fuel lights flicker on. if i give the motor a wee rev they go out till it rests back at idle again.

    can anyone help me with this one. i am a car mechanic if there is some kind of problem that i can fix myself.

  2. idle high enough to maintain oil pressure?

    battery is ok?

    stator still has all coils intact?

    Is the regulator outputing more than 12V (peak output doesn't arrive until about 4-5000rpm).

    Dodgy batteries and charging circuits are a leading caused of FLS (Funny Lights Syndrome)

    Or perhaps it is the bike wanting to disco? ;)
  3. Oil and fuel lights come on together when motor is stopped (or low oil pressure). At least, it did with my ZZR.

    The lad needs to check oil levels, oil filter, and if all OK, then to look at the oil pressure switch. Might be knackered.

    Anyway, how come this guy's FIRST bike is a ZZR11? AND he's riding it???
  4. This shouldnt happen. the sidestand switch may be a factor
  5. Nope. It's either a dicky oil pressure switch or the guy needs to top up the engine with oil, replace the oil filter or both.
  6. it's always the simple things huh! ;)
  7. thaks for all the advice people !!!!!
    have got her booked into the garage for a full service this friday so all should be taken care of then....

    had to go for the zzr 11 as a first bike cos could not get my hands on a cbr 11 xx blackbird...

    but as a first bike WOW how much fun !!!!!
  8. Methinks that someone is having a lend of us....
  9. erm no i do have one will post up a pic if i can