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ZZ-R250 vs Across

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by N1GH7-R1D3R, Apr 11, 2005.

  1. Hi Guys,

    This is my first post on this forum but i have been reading it for many weeks now and just HAD to join up. I love how everyone has a good sense of humour but knows when to be serious. Anyway down to business....

    I understand you have probably heard this 999999999 times before but please bear with me. Obviously it's the 2 i've come down to as a decision for my first bike. Please no convincing me otherwise (e.g. Naked VTR250 or CBR this ZX2A that).

    Basically i want a fully-faired "sportish" 250 to learn on. Of those who have sampled both (which i haven't as yet) what did you find as the better OVERALL bike. I will be doing a bit (~30mins round trip) 5 days a week (~2.5hrs/wk) to uni. In between that and on weekends i will be going for a blat.

    I'm 6'1-6'2 and weigh about 75-80KG (yes lanky i know). I understand the Across is a 4cyl and has the fake tank storage and the ZZR a 2cyl...... So what i'm really looking for is peoples advice when it comes down to comparing them with the type of riding i want, the "learnability" of them and the overall maintenance cost.

    Sorry for the long winded post. Any advice will be GREATLY appreciated.


    P.S. What a finish to the GP last night!!
  2. i own a zzr 250 93 it gets over 300 ks from a tank, good to throw around, im havin lecco probs, but other wise not bad bike. im about 85kgs and similar height
  3. It really is up to you as to the comfort, only a test ride will tell you that.

    Both are decent toofiddy's. The Across "boot" is very handy, everything I need to take to work goes in there, and I can hide my xxl boof head sized helmet in there if required.
    I'm over 100kg's, bout 5-9 on the old scale and ride a 51 k round trip every day for work, up a dirty great hill as part of that. The Across has a smallish tank (12 lt inc reserve), but I get 200k's + before reserve.
    Apart from a broken speedo cable, not a problem at all so far.

    4 cylinders Vs 2 cylinders is pretty academic in the 250 class, they are only 250's after all. Less plugs to change on one, bit more go in the other. Both will cruise comfortably at freeway speeds, both are great learner bikes for those that prefer fairings.

    Really, road test both and see what your legs/back tell you is best.

  4. Iffracem is right - it's a comfort thing. I found I didn't like the way the Across felt to ride, although it seemed relatively easy (not as easy as my GPX). The way the power worked on the 4-cyl wasn't to my liking either - but again, it's personal preference.

    Test riding is probably the best deciding factor, and your heart! Pick the one that'll make you happy... not what someone told you will make you happy!
  5. Welcome to NetRider Josh ;)

    I've only ever ridden a ZZR250 once on a test ride a few years ago (right before we bought the Across actually), so I won't comment about them - but my wife owns an Across, and I ride it regularly.

    The Across is a great 250 IMO ;) Nice looks, reliable, very handy storage space, good performance, fine at freeway speeds, good handling, cheap to own/run/maintain etc etc ... :D

    One thing you will notice is the Across is not a torquey bike. It loves to rev freely though, and when kept in the upper registers it performs nicely - redline is around 16,500RPM. But then again, I'm used to my GPZ900R, and GSX750F - so torque comparisions are hardly fair :D

    Shortish range on the fuel though - expect about 200 +\- kms range from the underseat tank before you need fuel. This may or may not bother you ....we rode around Tassie with the Across and the range was never a problem.

    All up - I can highly recommend the Across as a learner bike - if we had our time again I'd buy another one in a flash.
  6. I was trying to make the same decision Josh, it finally came down to condition/age. I chose the baby "Z" over the Across, because I couldn't find a neat clean Across, everyone I looked at had been hard used.
    The only other thing is I like the look of two pipes on a bike not one.

  7. Hey Josh, like everyone else said, ride them both.

    For me, my money would be on the ZZR mainly because:

    1. It's still being made today and hasn't changed in 10years, so there's plenty of repair and overhaul experience.
    2. Because of 1 there's factory imported spares galore [many spares are interchangeable with the GPX 250 - so double the spares available]
    3. Fuel range
    4. Try and find a newish low kms Across
    5. I'm a kwaka man.

    I do like the look of the Across and they sound much better than a kwaka when wearing a sports can... but still my money's on the ZZR.

    Hope this helps


  8. How do you manage that? I am over 100kgs and only get about 150kms off the tank. I was told I had poor fuel economy because of my weight, but you seem to be able to do it.... unfair.

    I have had the bike serviced and checked and all seems to be good so it comes down to my weight.
  9. needle settings , they have 3 stages (i think, i cant remeber exactly) lean , normal and rich , hes is probably on lean and tuned to it , also it all depends on the type of riding city Vs country etc
  10. There was a story once of an old lady complaining about poor fuel economy on her oldsmobile, which she literally only drove down to the local shops, church and family in the next nearby village.

    The mechanic went over it many many times, new plugs, points, filters, tuning etc etc etc. One day he noticed her drive away and finally understood...

    She'd get into the car, pull out the handbag holder lever, loop the handbag handle on the lever, start and drive away... the handbag holder lever was her choke!! LOL.

    Jimi - all things being equal and tuned, another reason for poor fuel economy is heavy acceleration and lots of stop start low gear city driving...


  11. I haven't ridden a ZZR, but I've ridden a GPX which has the same motor.

    The GPX, ZZR and Across were all on my shopping list and to be honest, I would probably have been happy with any of them. As it happened, I found a good low-mileage Across before I found a good example of either of the others.

    Likes: The engine's a rev-monster and a lot of fun to use, the bike's easy to chuck around and the boot is very handy.

    Dislikes: The small fuel tank means the range isn't as good as I'd like, the seat is hard (so I bought a sheepskin), it doesn't look as good as a ZZR, and you get bagged on Netrider for owning a handbag!

    Would I buy another? In the absence of a sensible LAMS scheme in Vic, yes. But if I could choose between the Across/GPX/ZZR and a torquier, more flexible bike - no way.
  12. I ride the mighty ZZR250, am v.v.happy with it. Like the long range of the tanks (I easily get 300+ even in stop start traffic - more like 340 / tank) He's a pretty beastie, too... all shiny plastic. Chicks dig fairings.
    he's got 2 cans... drop scratch scream. Every time. Every... *sob*... time.

    Try each on for size. You're a tall one, so therein lies the rub. Sore backs make long days riding twisties a bad idea. -s.
  13. I think I just got bloody lucky and got a bike with a really strong motor.

    I don't thrash it, my old brain just can't get used to the idea of a four stroke doing 16,500rpm's, esp one that wont pull the skin off a rice pudding under 7-8,000rpm. I think if you keep them around 8,000 to 12-13,000rpm they're happiest. Which is handy when it cruises at around 105-110 kph at ~9,000rpm.

    Worst I ever got was ~185k's till red light, nearly always get over 200k's till red, best was ~220k's. Always try to use BP premium.

    The taller aftermarket "double bubble" screen helps keep my boof head outta the wind, that's gotta help :D

    (edited rpm figures after checking today)
  14. Thanks for all the quick replies guys, the info is really helpful. I really like the look of the ZZR and i'm leaning that way at the moment but i'm REALLY GOING TO have to ride both bikes back to back.

    The past few days however the Suzuki GS500 has been creeping in my already whirlwinding brain. I understand the standard model isn't faired which i would prefer but i figure the bigger motor would be more comfortable to ride over the long run. I also has been told it's faster then both the ZZR250 & Across. It's not bad looking either :)
  15. and.............

    One is a mobile handbag for cosmetic luggage

    the other is not

    one is as heavy as a Sherman tank

    the other is not

    Cheers 8)
  16. one looks like a real bike and the other looks like a tinker toy :LOL:

    Go the across , you wont regret it , best learners bike around .
    The motors are bullet proof , they are forgiving , they are reliable and they also are heavier and make it easier when upgrading to a 600 (little in weight differance, just the power you need to get used too)
  17. Which one is really heavy?

    (im deciding between both these bikes as well)
  18. the across is heavier , When i had mine I found it easier riding bigger bikes as the wieght wasnt much differant (handleing is ) but if you can lug the across around then bike weight wont be a factor when you upgrade if you go to a 600

    There was a quote in a motorcycling mag about the reliability and strength and forginess of the across
    " the across can withstand the punishment that a learner can dish out like only learner do "
  19. Glen, Glen, Glen. You are right. It's weight is as much as a 600 and the power of a 250 (well Spewsuky say its a 2 fiddy).

    That's why you say "just the power you need to get used too"


    It does not have the oommf to pull the skin of a custard that thing :p :p :p

    Yep go the Sherman tank, coz at least you will feel like you have the weight of a 600 between ya legs even tho a scooter would leave it in its wake at the lights :shock: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :p :p :p :p

    Cheers 8)