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ZZ-R250 vs Across - pls don't bag me, I'm new

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by GoTeam, Oct 19, 2006.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm getting my Ls next week and a bike soon after. I've seen all sorts of opinions ranging from "get a POS" to "get what you're happy with". I don't intend to get a POS since I'd prefer to spend less time working on it.

    Anyway, I'm looking at either a ZZ-R250 or Suzuki Across in the $4,000-$5,000 range so anything up to 8 years old. I'm also aware that if I drop it, fairing damage can be costly.

    Is one simply better than the other (mechanically and for riding)?

    Any advice would be much appreciated. :)
  2. If you are heterosexual stay away from the Across.

    Get the Kwaka.
  3. Go the Kawa...

    I'm in a similar situation and have been led toward the Kwakers.

    Also consider the GPX - maybe not as pretty as the ZZR with less fairing(matter of taste if you ask me, and cheaper to repair if you stack) but mechanically much the same (different frame and less plastic actually makes the GPX a couple of kgs lighter... therefore faster??? Can of worms, I know!) And they're generally a little cheaper, depending on the obvious age/distance/condition variables.

    Hope that helps - might have just confused things further!
  4. I was also about the same after i got my L's, ended up with the GPX mainly because that was what was around and the right price, but i test rode the GPX an the across on the same day... The across has a lot less torque, being a 4 cylinder, compared the GPX/ZZR twin, but the Across does have that handy helmet box where the tank is on most bikes, and i'll tell you i've thought that'd be handy a few times, not neccesarily for putting your helmet in, but for shopping or whatever. In Victoria, they're more sought after too, which means that re-sale value is generally better on the across... But, for speed off the line, i think the Kwaka is way ahead.
  5. Yeah I would say stick with the Kwaka, I had a friend who learnt on one and said it was fantastic. Also the Scross has a smaller fuel tank cos it is under the seat... just in case you didn't know. :)
  6. from my own experience it would be the zzr, maintenance, reliability, bigger tank so less stops between fill ups.... but you can carry a six pack and pizza in an across.

    and no I won't bag ya for being new...... but evrybdoy will if you ride a manbag :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  7. I haven't ridden a ZZR, but I did own a Spada. The twins are great off the line, the GPX/ZZR engines have a great reputation and I think they would be very practical. I guess it depends on what sort of riding you are doing, but I think I'd prefer the Across for the highway work, they're heavier and have more fairings - I think they'd be more stable too. The inline 4 does take longer to wind up than a twin, but I think they're more fun once going.
  8. When I first looked at buying my bike I looked at the ZZR. After sitting on one I thought they were way to narrow and light. Personally I like the extra stability you get on the Across. On the highway commute it sits very comfortably at 100K and after you get the gear changing down pat, it will get up and go. :grin:

    Also the boot is very handy - perfect for taking a spare change of clothes to work in or picking up stuff on the way home. (Not to mention you can nearly fit an entire slab in there.)

    It only has a 10L tank plus reserve but I still find that I get close to 200K before needing to switch to reserve.

    At the end of the though it will come down to personal choice. You need to sit on them, possibly test ride them (that's if you can find one who will let you) and then make your decision. You may, after sitting on both bikes, decide that they're not the bike for you.

    Happy hunting. :grin:
  9. Fuel issues on teh across as mentioned by a few are its a small tank, and if u read a thread from yesterday about fuel useage across = THIRSTY! i get 350-390km from 15 litres theres talk of some of the across riders getting as low as 130km from 10 litres!!

    the GPX/ZZR are reliable fun and very learner freindly!

    id lean towards one of these...

    and just peruse the forum to see how much across bagging there is ;)

    more across abuse than scooter!
  10. The zzr has a stable rep for being learner freindly. I have one so obviously biased. I sit at 120 and still have a good squirt up my sleeve in freeway traffic. Across has a small tank and i understand not to flash on mileage if that is a concern. Your price range should get you a decent bike. the GPX is also a good bike and a fair bit cheaper than the zzr. it is the same mechanics in a shorter wheelbase and not as dressy as the zzr (if that matters). I am in no way an expert, but from feedback the gpx is a tad less learner freindly but a fun bike.
  11. I was asking the same question before i bought.
    I ended up with the ZZR because this one came up and was in realy good shape (A Offer to good to refuse) But with the range issues (Itsy bitsy little tank) i am very happy with my desision.

    Off the line the ZZR is prety good, and has a great feel in the corners. Have a read of the GOR Thread in the vic rides callendar to see what people think when you get one working in the twisties

    I am 6 foot tall and 80 kg, and the ZZR works for me realy well (I still want a bigger bike, but for a 250 this is a good option)
  12. zzr is a VERY forgiving bike. it runs well, economy wise it gets about 280 to a tank easy, 240 if i redline everywhere, so not that much of a difference in the scheme of things. it's comfortable, reliable, but then I haven't ridden an across so i'm not gonna bag that. sometimes you'd like them to have a little more go, but hey, it's only a 2fiddy. as for carrying things, you can almost fit a whole slab on an across. you CAN fit a whole slab in a backpack on a zzr/gpx. repair cost? pffffffffffffffffftttt... don't bother fixing it unless you snap your bikini fairing. you'll drop it again, and again, and again.
  13. No, being 4 cylinder it actually has more torque - you just need more revs to find it. Really that probably sums up the big difference between the two bikes, the ZZR is going to be that little bit easier to ride but the Across has slightly more potential provided you can keep it in the right gear at the right time. Of course the Across does have the disadvantage of not getting far on its tiny fuel tank (but does have a boot). Either bike is going to be fine to learn on though so go with whatever you like best.
  14. Given the specifications listed below the power to weight ratio of the 2 bikes is almost identical, but I'd expect the ZZR to be slightly quicker off the mark and the Across to have a slightly higher top speed.

    Power 40ps @ 14,5000 rpm
    Torque 25.5Nm @ 10,500 rpm
    Weight 163kg

    ZZR250 (1999 model)
    Horsepower: 40 hp (29.8 kW) @ 12500 rpm
    Maximum Torque: 24 Nm (17.7 ft. lbs) @ 10000 rpm
    Weight 146 kg

    ZZR250 (2006 model) *got to love noise regulations eh!*
    Power 35ps @ 12000 rpm
    Torque 22Nm (16.2ft/lbs) @9500rpm
    Weight 146 kg
  15. I'm just here to bag the new guy, where do I line up with my custard pie?

    Seriously, Across riders only get bagged because there's so many of them. The Across is an incredibly practical motorcycle, the boot is extremely handy. Sadly any practical feature on a motorcycle is regarded by some to detract from the tough bikerness of it, hence you'll cop just as much stick for putting a ventura rack or top box on.

    My vote's for the suzuki, simply because you can rock up at work, pop the boot and leave your helmet and gloves inside instead of carting them around.

    Plus it screams its tits off after a bafflectomy when you belt it out to 18 grand.
  16. As far as I know the Across is the faster bike off the line. The difference is you really need to keep the revs high on the across to access the power.

    Frankly I think anyone that bags one has never actually owned one. I thought it was a great bike - it did 130,000 km over ten years and could probably do more. It is amazingly reliable for such a little bike. And the boot is fantastic. You put your wet weather gear in there and you will never get caught out. I'm still missing the boot on the Across - its a lot more difficult to carry a slab home on the Blackbird.

    The only issue I had with it was the range, and that's really not a big deal anyway.
    When I bought it, it was the most powerful 4-stroke 250 you could get (and then the CBR250RRRRR's came out). I actually went down in power coming from a 2-stroke and I still loved it.

    Frankly I think anyone trying to bring sexuality into an discussion about what motorcycle to buy might be a little... confused 8-[ ... about themselves :bannanabutt:

    I can't say anything about the ZZR, since I've never ridden one. But most people seem pretty happy with them. My suggestion is to try both and think about what you want to do with it.
  17. They are both great bikes, the Across wins from a practical perspective I would love to not have to carry a back pack all the time.

    But the GPX IMO would be more fun to drive in traffic as you don't need to worry so much about keeping the revs up.

    Anyway it's your first bike any bike even a POS will be a lot more fun that you are having now! Don't stress look at the bike sit on it, do i feel 'right" about the bike, that's the one to get. I love the little GPX and was close to getting one but after sitting on it I just didn't see myself riding it, so I went the hyosung and have not looked back.
  18. Just to correct the content - zzr is a parallel twin -not sure what the across weighs the zzr is 148 kg dry and is fully faired.
  19. It all depends on the condition of the bike. When I was looking for a 2fiddy I was initially looking for a CBR250RR but I couldn't find one in good condition at the time. I ended up buying an Across because it was faultless and have never had any problems with it.
  20. I think you'd probably be happy with either the ZZR or the Across. But try them and see which you feel most comfortable on.

    I enjoyed my Across, but you have to get used to revving the crap out of them to make things happen. Once you get used to the idea, a 16,500rpm redline can be quite fun. :grin:

    If you plan to do anything other than commuting, spend $30 and get a sheepskin seat pad. Otherwise it's like spending a few hours perched on a vinyl-covered brick.

    Fit decent tyres and you'll be surprised how well they corner. So will your mates... :LOL:

    But best of all, they've got:


    the Boot!!!