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ZZ-R250 Parts for sale, breaking complete bike

Discussion in 'Archived' started by MV, Mar 20, 2012.

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  1. Watch this space for a complete list & pics. Most everything available including engine.

    If you need something specific, let me know & you can have first dibs.

  2. The List:

    Engine, complete, runs & idles fine, haven't tested it further. May have faulty coil pack, needs further investigation. Includes wiring loom, headers, radiator, etc, everything you need to run the engine in a buggy or go kart. 35,000odd km's on the odo. Will check valves & carbs before you pick it up. $450. Less if you don't need carbs, etc.

    Mufflers: l/h side ok nic, r/h side has scratches all down the side, fine for RWC, $50 pair.

    Headlight: ok condition, globe blown, I think the alignment adjusters are broken, but you should be able to swap them over from your old one, $50.

    Taillight: great condition, 2 working globes, $20

    Rear indicators, with clear lenses & orange globes, $20

    Horn, good condition, working, $5.

    Clocks: Have been wet, but seem to have dried fine, tacho & all lights etc work, haven't checked speedo, $90, not including fairing mount.

    Screen: Pretty bad shape, but intact, lots of scratches, etc, $20.

    Rear fairing, inc grab rail, purple, in pretty good condition, has been down on the right hand side, but can't see any scratches, $120.

    Centre front fairing, quite good condition, all the clips intact, $45.

    Centrestand, $30.

    Rear subframe, can't see any rust, $50 inc mudgaurd.

    Clutch perch & lever, ok condition, $30.

    Left hand mirror, scratches on mirror & corrosion on mount, $15.

    Switchgear, faded but working, $50 the lot.

    Luggage hooks, $20 for all 4.

    Rear shock, looks ok, can't see any obvious leaks, $45.

    Overflow tank, $10

    Fairing stay bracket, $10

    L/H side rear set, inc footpeg, $35

    R/H side rear set, bracket broken, but lever & footpeg usuable, $15

    Airfilter bracket $5

    Front mudgaurd, scrathes on r/h side, some grazing on the front edge, $25.

    I was planning on keeping the rolling chassis for a Supermono project, but I don't think I've got the room at the moment...
    So there's also:

    Forks & triple clamps
    Front & rear wheels
    Fuel tank (no key)
    Brakes front & rear in front m/c (rear m/c is broken)
    Top fairing mount

    Which I was planning on keeping, but if there's interest...

    Pics coming as I get time, happy to post little stuff, open to sensible offers, send me a PM or reply here.
  3. Hmmmmm, I could be interested in some front end stuff. How badly do you want to keep it?? Wheel and forks at this stage I think. I'm mechanically vacuous so have no idea really, mechanic said something about wheel bearings, steering bearings yada yada, $1000 yada yada, what!!!!!! :eek:hno: Needless to say, rego and insurance are about to be cancelled :nopity:

    Anyway, if you think you can help, maybe pm me yr number? Where's pickup?
  4. Hey FreddyB, located in Altona North, I'll PM you my number.
  5. Has it got the standard Aussie indicators or have they been moved into the proper place?
  6. Standard indicators. IIRC, the front indicators globes will clip into the rear fairing indicators, you just need to remove the paint from the lenses.
  7. Running low on shed space guys, everything is up for grabs & don't be shy, you can make me an offer, I won't be offended.

    Well, I might... Depends how offensive your offer is ;)

    If there's no interest this time next week, I'll start chucking bits you know where.
  8. Parts are going on a 'generic auction site' right now :-$

  9. How come you decided to chop it up?
  10. Bought it in pieces to sell. :)
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