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ZZ-R250 Issue

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Danzotron, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. Hey guys,

    Yesterday, as the Melbourners here will know, it rained for most of the day. I rode my little ZZ-R250, which is about a month and a half old, clocking in with about 2000kms. It sat out in the rain, all day while I was at a training course for my new job as a UNIX admin. For hours and hours he sat out there getting pissed on, but I expected he would be a little tougher than this.

    When I went to start it, it turned over maybe once or twice, then died, tried this many a time and it FINALLY started. Had to leave it for quite a while to get it really warmed out so I could even think about going out onto the road without stalling. But after it warmed up, it was fine and performed as usual. It really didn't worry me.

    Until it did it this morning. It was garaged overnight. And I assumed everything would be fine this morning when I went to turn him over ready for my morning ride to training for this week. It did the same thing, and in my impatience I just rolled it down my driveway and started it like that and idled it at the end of my driveway for a min to warm it up.

    This guy I met at training has been riding for a while and each night I've been riding home with him. He thinks a bike as new and as good of condition as mine shouldn't really be effected like this by the rain / cold Melbourne whether and should just be starting as usual without a great degree of fiddling. He recommends taking it to Kawasaki to get it checked out.

    Is he right? Should I be worried? Any ideas what could be causing this?

    Thanks a lot guys, I know it's a long post.

    (Short version: Bike got pissed on all day yesterday, took a lot of effort to start in the evening when I left. Did the same thing in the morning. Is this going to be a recurring issue and shouldI get it looked at?)
  2. I wouldnt think it should effect it, unless you are talking torrential rains :wink:
    I left the hornet outside all day too yesterday, as I have many times.
    Fires up 1st time, purring like a kitten.
    I'll leave it to the more experienced here to add their advice and opinions.
    Sorry, apart from my 2 cents worth .. I'm afraid I cannot shed more light on the subject.
    Good Luck
  3. It's not the rain, since it played up after being in (your supposedly) dry garage overnight.

    It must be the colder weather, then. You are using the choke? It sounds as if the choke is not turning on far enough, or as if the cold start jet(s) which it operates is not working correctly.

    You must also make sure that you do NOT open the throttle at all while using the cold start device, as this reduces its efficiency. Let it start and even run for a few seconds (might need even more time) before trying to open the throttle.

    Get the choke off as soon as possible, as soon as the bike will run without it. Do not leave it idling with the choke on while you close the door, open the gate or put your riding gear on. This allows rich, unburnt fuel to wash lubricating oil off the cylinder wallls and promotes early and unnecessary wear.

    A sign of an over-choked, rich-running bike is the blurpetty-blurp sounds as it eight-strokes, or fires every second compressions stroke only, becaue the mixture is too rich. Avoid this at all costs!


    Trevor G
  4. I am using the choke. What's this cold start jet thing? Could it be that? Maybe I should just take the bloody thing to get looked at, because to be honest. I can ride, but I'm no mechanic.
  5. my advice is go see a good mechanic. Like you, I can ride, but am unsure what end of a spanner to hold on to while I make a mess of whatever it is I am supposedly "working on"
  6. Ok, I think thats what i'll do, just wanted to see if the gurus on here could offer any ideas before i started throwing money around :p

    Thanks to the people who did reply.

  7. "Choke" is a generic term for the cold start jet most likely used on your bike.

    You didn't say if you were keeping the throttle closed while you were trying to start it.

    If it's new and under warranty, maybe you should! ;-)


    Trevor G
  8. Hey mate, yeah I'm starting it with the throttle closed. Is that wrong?
  9. I guess if you don't bother reading the advice someone gives you there's not much point, really. ;-)

    This was in an earlier post in this thread:

    "You must also make sure that you do NOT open the throttle at all while using the cold start device, as this reduces its efficiency"

    Better just take it to a mechanic...


    Trevor G
  10. What do you mean? I am not opening the throttle while trying to start it. I have the choke on. How is that not following his advice ?