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ZZ-R250 is going for new from a dealership?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Danzotron, Jan 17, 2008.

  1. Hi guys, first time poster here,

    just got a quick question for you guys, I was wondering how much the ZZ-R250 is going for new from a dealership? and what you guys think the best price I'd be able to get on it is. What about this new ninja 250 I read about? Is that in Aus yet? How much is it!?

    Ok so it was more than one question but I'm sure you guys won't mind helping a newb :)

    Thanks in advance.

  2. i'm assuming it's a first bike?

    my advice would be to get a 2nd hand one :)
  3. Dont get a new bike as your first bike, you will drop it.

    Also once you do your Ls and finish off with your Ps you will want to upgrade, thats when you buy new.
  4. Or, if you want a new bike, go buy a new bike. Just cos others dropped theirs doesnt mean your going to drop yours.

    You want new, you go buy new.
  5. Not sure on the price of the new Kawa 250 but I would not buy a new ZZR250 if you can possibly get the new model. I had an 05 ZZR as my learner bike and it was great, but it is a seriously old design.
  6. I agree with the others, but if you have previous bike experience lots of cash and can afford comprehensive insurance than feel free to go buy that new bike.

    There is nothing more enjoyable than buying b rand new toys never been touched with 0ks

    except maybe a threesome with Jenny hawkins and Miranda Kerr :LOL:
  7. hey if i were u i would get a new bike but all depends on ya money situation oh and the new 250s are around $6500 new plus on road cost i think or this is wat i been told from the dealer (i think they are cumin in to aus in either feb march or april soz i no that didnt help much) any way good luck on the bike hunting and make sure u test ride a few to get us to em and pick the one that best suits u have fun
  8. If you want a new kwaka, i'd go the new ninja 250 over the zzr any day. It only just come out in the last 1 or 2 months (as opposed to the very early 90's for the zzr). And the engine is very similar so is well proven in this application. Buy what you fall in love with, man :cool:
  9. I hope you're taking English as a subject this year!
  10. Crap crap crap crap crap! How about "you will be more prone to dropping it".
  11. Yes, as others have said the new ninja is replacing the zzr.. so you should get a very good price for one.
  12. Thanks for the feedback guys, the reason I wanted new is I don't really want to inherit someone elses problems. I have a mate who just bought a ZXR250 second hand, did all the right checks, mechanically it appeared A1. 4 Weeks later something was fcuked with the engine due to wear, even though it "apparently" had only done about 20,000kms, the guys at the shop told him its probably because the bike had received a thrashing during its short life on earth. Money isn't that big of a problem but I definitely don't want to spend anything more than 8k on a bike + some gear.. But yeah keep the feedback flowing and I'll definitely let you guys know how I go, assuming you are actually interested! :p


  13. Should be able to get a zzr for 7 grand ride away at the moment. Or a gpx for 6 grand ride away (90% same bike).
  14. What do you reckon would be a great commuter bike? Because I will be using this to get to work.. I'm mainly leaning towards the ZZR because I read that its easy to learn on, easy on fuel and it's forgiving?
  15. Yes, yes and yes. But most 250's are easy on fuel. Remember if you get the zzr its not a sportsbike as such so dont expect warp speed. Doesnt stop you having fun in the twisties though. Its been my only bike and I have no complaints at all other than lack of power(but that is me getting bored of it and coming off restrictions soon). If you want new get new, dont let people say you will drop it (I havnt yet, touch wood).
  16. Not really looking for power, just a nice ride to work, something with a bit of go maybe when I feel like it, but nothing too insane. Thanks for the advice :)
  17. And I figure I'll stay away from the fast of the fastest 250s because I am only a learner and do not need the kind of power the Zxr or CBR250RR provides.. I'll kill myself with my inexperience and a fast bike.
  18. Mate the ZZR is good for 170kp/h. An off at any speed is likely to hurt.
  19. I brought a brand new ZZR-250 2007 Model, last year, Black, its fantastic, nice looking bike, much nicer over the GPX in my opinion,

  20. I started out on a ZZR250 which I bought new.... and never dropped it. I'm a tallish, heavyish person and I didn't really have a problem with its acceleration. It can blast away from the traffic with relative ease. Yeah sure it doesn't have mind blowing acceleration, but no 4 stroke 250 does. This bike is great for commuting and has a large tank so you don't need to refuel too often. If the ZZR is what you want, then get it. You wont be disappointed.