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ZZ-R250 Brakes and fuel/exhaust fumes

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by zeddicus, Apr 11, 2008.

  1. I have a '93 ZZ-R250 with about 80thou on the clock. Normally a pretty reliable bike and it gets me around. Two issues I have noticed lately however:

    First the brakes. Back brake takes a lot of travel before it engages. Front brake seems not to engage for the first 1cm or so of travel and then bites very hard (hard enough to make the front dive in an annoying fashion at low speed). The lever almost feels "rusty" in that the travel is not smooth and the reaction of the front brake at various points in the lever travel are different. I'm considering a fluid drain and replace + new front and back pads. Would this fix the issue or could it be something else?

    The second issue has to do with fumes. If you ride the bike for any significant amount of time (a few minutes plus) you end up smelling like fuel and/or exhaust. The bike doesn't appear to leak fuel (I've checked with the fairings off) and I cannot see any obvious place where the exhaust could be leaking. I know this phenomenon is not normal as the '07 ZZ-R250 I had did not do this.

  2. try changing the brake fluid, but I'm guessing you may need to put a kit through your master cylinder. If it's not that then you need to put a kit through your brake calipers.

    The fuel issue, I'd say your carbies need servicing. Clean, float level set, balance and idle mixture set.

    all of the above will make the bike feel better anyway.
  3. Unfortunately I am an utter mechanical n00b and thus don't actually know what you mean by "put a kit" through these items :) Clarify please?
  4. sorry DP
  5. Can can bye a seal kit from the kawsaki dealer. It will have a piston seal and a dust seal at a minimum. Many have pistons and circlips too.

    They are not that hard to put in, but maybe not a job for the complete amateur. Find someone with some mechanical knowledge and get a workshop manual.
  6. I'm a mechanical n00b but willing to have a go (I also have the manual :) ). If I ask for a "seal kit for the brakes" will the dealer know what I mean?
  7. I'm guessing it's the master cylinder, so ask for a "Front Master Cylinder kit".

    You will also need:
    Brake fluid
    small Internal circlip pliers, and
    a Brake bleeding system (a plastic tube and a small jar is fine).

    If that doesn't fix it then you will need a "front brake caliper kit", but do the master cylinder first as you don't want to spend money if you don't have to.