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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Paulie, Jun 22, 2006.

  1. Hey all, quick question (searched around but couldnt find anything in the search function).

    Is the zxr750 any good? I have been offered a 1991 ZXR750 with approx 50,000kms on it, all logbooks etc. No rego at $2,500????? Whats the verdict? Is this a bargain and has anyone got any knowledge of how good/bad these bikes are? (Going to check it out tonight)

    Thanks guys! (& gals)
  2. That price does sound pretty good, but depends more on general condition of fairings, etc. Most earlier models with high km's sell for around $3.5-4k.

    The later models ('93) were a much better bike, but nothing wrong with the earlier ones.

    Check the usual: chain/sprockets, tyres, suspension condition (may need fork oil replaced), wheel bearings, steering bearings (pay close attention, many owners like to mono these!), signs of crach damage to fork bottoms, etc.
  3. Paulie, I reckon that it's not too bad a price. I'm being offered one ('92) for around the 5k mark registered with 6 months on it. It's got new tyres and is in pretty good nick. I don't mind the "Hoovers" and I haven't heard too many bad things about them. Considering ZX2Rs the same age are going for around the same price I reckon it's pretty good.
  4. yeah, thats a good price as long as its not too stuffed. i know of one with mech problems thats asking $3500+. and even the early ones will still fetch $5-$6k in top nick.

    i'm prolly a bit biased, but i reckon the entire ZXR750-ZX7R range is awesome. they've got a solid as rock front end and handle like they're on rails. you'll never be afraid to crank it over that little bit more because they just feel so PLANTED.

    the earlier ones were right at the cutting edge power to weight wise but as time went on, they started to fall behind the mark, not shedding any kilos and adding only a few HP. they did make up for that however with the brilliant handling and feel that only got better with time.

    dunno what cammos wheelie comment is about tho :? i mean they will wheelie if you really want them to, but they're a pretty front heavy bike thats fairly down in power compared to a lot of other supersports. certainly not a renowned wheelie machine by any stretch of the imagination! :LOL:

    dont think of them as an inbetween for the ZX6R&ZX9R because they're a totally different machine. they're race bikes with lights and as such, have some of the least back/butt/wrist friendly aspects seen on a roadbike IMO. you'll love it or you'll hate it, welcome to the club tho if it turns out to be love :wink:
  5. Must just be my mates superlative throttle control then!?
  6. ok guys! Just went and rode the zxr! WOW!!!!!!

    Only problem.....the bike has 96,000kms on it???? Is this a problem?? the bike is almost unmarked, immaculate really, all original... has log books.. its a one owner bike owned by a dude who worked for kawasaki!!!

    To buy or not too buy? No cracks in fairings, tyres need replacing (rubber hard and fairly bald).. no rego.....everything works good...