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Zxr750 starting woes

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by HsvNinja, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. Hey guys. Just got myself a zxr750. Only issues i have is a really tough time starting it. It will always die with the choke on unless i pull on the throttle. There is also a bit of a flat spot low in the rpm range. Cld be the same issue. Any ideas? Cheers

  2. Just needs a tune up. Running too rich on the idle jet, at a guess. Bet the carbies are out of sync too.
  3. If it dies on choke then it really is choking.
    Dirty or blocked air filter. Or jets. Or the whole shamozel.
    How is the condition of your bike ???
    You don't want to go into some poor mechanic and have a lot of wok done $$$$ and then it goes like an epileptic duck five K's down the road.
    Things like cleaning the air filter regularly and flushing the tank are not hard jobs and something every bike rider should know how to do. Bikes (besides Harleys:)) have very fine tolerances and bits of gunk can add up to big bills. And servo fuels suck big time.
    All depends on how long you keep a bike or how old the one your riding is.
    Does it have an after market pipe on it by any chance ???
  4. Ok. Starts fine without the choke it seems. I assume it will need a touch up tune or something. Sorry im not in tune with carbs
    Will go thru the air filter and flush the tank on the weekend most likely :)
  5. A good indication it's running too rich on the idle screw/jet. Especially at this time of year.
  6. Anyways of easily adjusting these? How do i set them up right? Seems to idle fine. Around 1k rpm.
  7. It's a process you need to go through starting with pulling the carbies, cleaning them and setting the float height. You will also need to sync with gauges (or manometers).

    unless you are confident and willing to invest in the gauges, then take it to a mechanic.

    You can adjust the idle jet screws yourself, but without doing the other stuff first, you are likely to end up chasing your tail.

    With regards idle, an incorrect mixture at idle can easily be masked by the throttle stop screw.
  8. Ok so it seems off to the mechanics it is. Dont really want to invest in the guages. Just to find a decent shop in my area now :/