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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Paulie, Oct 24, 2006.

  1. Hi all, I'm lookin to get a new bike.... time to upgrade but dont want anything TOO quick or else I will lose my license for the 5th time! So I was thinking of a zxr400? They seem rather cheap but not too many around. Anyone had any experience with these? My worry is that they may be a little hard to find parts for? Any suggestion welcome:]

    Thanks- also... obviously the 400 would be a 250 easy yeah?
  2. You can lose your license on any bike, I think you need to take the blame rather than the bike....

    There's not many registered zxr400's around, most that are imported are done so for racing (Formula 400 class).

    They're the least common of all the sports 400's, and parts can be quite hard to find, although spares and consumables are always stocked at places like www.rbracing.com.au (these guys race them), and the usual wreckers for body panels, etc.

    They're not slow by any means, and are the quickest of the 400's in straightline speed. Ergonomics are identical to the zxr250's (i.e. crap!).

    All the info you could ever need on all 400's can be found here:
  3. for the price of some zxr400s, you can buy a later model 600cc bike.
  4. Well, after much haggling and umming and RRR'ing I bought the zxr400..... got it for a song -hopefully its not a lemon..

    It goes pretty quick and I like the styling of it