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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by robeel, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. i'm looking to buy my first bike this week a 00/03 zxr250 c model, the silver one with black lightning decals. i just need something decent & cheap to get me thru restrictions for 1+yr.

    were these really made around 2000? are these models a good bike?

    is there any difference to the older c models? & which would be the better choice?

    also how much should i be looking to pay? bike has about 6 months rego, says had a service: oil change & spark plugs but no receipt. says mechanicaly A1 & only a few little scratches on one fairing. also near new tyres & aftermarket blinkers.

    or do these seem like a better buy?



  2. No. Production stopped in '99, though they did keep selling them as new for another 5 years in unimportant markets till they finally ran out of stock (Honda did the same with the CBR).

    If you just want something realiable and cheap to get through restrictions buy a GPX or ZZR instead. Only buy and old grey-import parallel-4 250 if it's something you really want, and if you understand fully all the risks in buying one.
  3. i read that these silver ones were made in malaysia from left over parts?

    i like the style of the sports plus it will help me build my skills for a bigger ss bike.

    i'm only looking to spend about 3.5k, plus these bikes seem like a good choice for not loosing any money when selling.

    what are some of the risks?
  4. I wouldn't be surprised if they were put together from leftover parts, that's pretty much what happened with the CBR250s after the rules in Japan changed and made them virtually worthless there.

    In terms of building your skills you don't need a race-replica 250 for that. Any 250 will do that, provided of course it actually runs. And this brings me to the risks...

    For 3.5k you could buy a ZXR that's nearly 20 years old, but it may well have lost so much compression and have such poorly maintained brakes and suspension that it'll be no quicker than a new Yamaha Scorpio. Sure, if you spend plenty of time and/or money fixing it up you might have something useable, but why do that if you're only planning on selling it as soon as possible anyway?

    For the same money you could easily buy a GPX/ZZR that's only a few years old, with genuine low mileage (unlike the meaningless odometer readings of grey imports). It'll still be capable of corner speeds far in excess of anything you'll be capable of during your first 12 months, and it's these cornering skills that are the most important to learn (otherwise you might end up as just another poser on a supersports who only knows how to go fast in a straight line).
  5. A good condition 4cly 250 will be light years ahead in terms of performance then a GPX/ZZR or equivalant. There are plenty of good old 4cly about, there are also plenty of basket cases.

    Make sure you have which ever bike you intend to buy looked over by someone who knows what they are looking at.
  6. There were zxr250 built up to 2003 in malaysia from left over parts for the asian market, some were sold in Australia new.

    The risks are pretty much what jd has stated, look at the maintance of the bike rather than the kms. One bad point about the bike is the 18 inch rear rim means there isnt much choice when it comes to tyre selection.
  7. i'm having the bike inspected by MIS so i don't get a dud.

    that's why i was thinking the malay silver zxr would be alright as they aren't as old.
  8. I've got one and can say that they're not too bad when your not comparing them to my other bikes which are 400cc and 750cc.
  9. 18 inch rims are fine, just means you probably won't get the trackday specials that everyone likes to run. Personally, I'd put Bridgestone BT45 'Battlaxes' or Metzeler ME83 'Lazertecs' on it - I've tried both on a variety of bikes I've owned and didn't ever have a problem riding hard or in the wet. Mileage is good, too. Oh, and they won't cost you the earth either ;)

    Anyway, if you're getting a 250 i-4 then make sure it hasn't done too many miles. Many would be passed on to numerous learners, all of which flogged the hell out of them and generally neglected servicing... so that by the time 50,000km rolled around they were cactus. If you can find one with under 30,000km thats good, and under 20,000km is even better.

    A few tips though - valve checks will be a pain because there are 16 of them and they're all tucked away under bloody hard to access frame/airbox etc. Spare parts may be a problem, although eBay is a goldime. You will want to feed it only 98 octane petrol as anything less will generally cause preignition and possible engine damage. Other than that, they're a great bike to own - only reason I sold my 250 was because it was too physically small.

    Good to see you're playing it smart and getting it checked out. If it turns out you buy it, give us all a few photos to drool over, eh?

    Cheers - boingk
  10. This assumes the odometer on the bike is the one it left the factory with which is not always the case, particularly with grey imports.
  11. Having owned an above average later build zxr250 and also having taken a recent zzr250 for a good long ride, I can say the zxr is literally streets ahead of the 2pot ZZ. I will admit the zz is more of a sensible choice for someone just hopping on a bike for the first couple of months, but it'd get a bit dull pretty quickly.
    With the zxr, it has a lot more 'depth' to progress further towards riding a serious supersport bike later on. However they are a bit tough to start in winter, and while mine was pretty reliable you can't really assume it'll be perfectly dependable. The scream of the little 4 cyl when revving hard and the handling are worth it to my mind.

    My 2c...
  12. hey guys thanks for the help. the guy cancelled the inspection yesterday, wasn't happy but was kind of expecting it. Paul MIS said he didn't sound too keen & sounded like he was making excuses to not have the bike looked over.

    I should of known better buying from around that area from a young... anyway looks like i need to find another bike.

    paul from MIS seems to be a nice bloke & has been a lot of help. its a bit expensive but i think worth it if you don't know much about bikes.

    what do you guys think about the vtr250? i weigh about 95kg & 5'9, been checking out the one in the bike sales section with the screen, 02 model with 15k. looks nice but worried about not having enough power? & didn't want to spend too much on a first bike, maybe 4.5k at the most. still need to get gear...

    how is the resale on these? will i get close to my money back in 1.5yrs?

    i've read some bad reviews BUT how are the hyosung GT650R's 07/08? i've seen some around, they look alright & sound nice.

    i've found another 2 zxr's & maybe cbr's?
  13. The problem I have with the 18s on the zxr250 is theres only a couple of tyres i found in the 140/60 profile, the others are 150 wide which may slow down the leaning of the bike.
  14. robeel if you are planning on selling it in 1.5 years find something reliable which doesnt lose much value and save the money for the supersport you want. Personally I would be looking at spend your money on your gear first, this will outlast your first bike and then look at what the budget allows for the bike.
  15. VTR250 sounds like a more suitable bike for you seeing as you want "cheap reliable"...

    ZXRs are plenty of fun but not really cheap these days. A late model VTR250 should see you well past getting your full licence.

    Edit: don't get hung up on max power figures. V-Twins will feel punchier than 4 cyls and that might be something you prefer? Who knows? Stay away from Hyo. Stay away from 4cyl 250s if you want value for money. (Nothing wrong with them except no one's made one in 10 years so they're all falling to bits and will take you ages to find a decent one - and even then you may be biting off more than you can chew when it comes to keeping it running)
  16. yes, the zxr250c is way ahead of the gpx / zzr, 10 more ponies plus upside forks, adjustable for preload & damping, rear is adjustable for preload.

    Power wise that extra 10 hp counts, dragged a cbr v zxr250c v my rg250, the kawasaki 1st the cbr last but not by much, probably more to do with rider weigth / skill more than anything.

    i dragged a zzr250 on the rg & beat him by many bike length, let him catch up then beat him on the roll on, nothing to do with rider skill, he was more experienced than me & could even wheelie the zzr, yes 10 extra ponies do count on a 250.

    the zzr maybe more useable commute wise, but the I4's are the bikes to get if you want to step up to the supersport bikes later

    also the riding style & suspension of the zxr will be quite different & will defineatly count

    But i did not end up getting zxr due to the fact there is very few left in decent nick & there were alot of cbrs & parts around

    everyone says how old the cbr is & its going to blow up in your face cause its so old blah, blah, blah

    Yes you will have to spend money on any bike that you only pay $3500. People you take care of there bike usually know better & dont give up things they have spent time & money on so easily

    I bought a 1/2 decent cbr for about the same money & these are the things i had to do to it:

    1. change tyres (original were mismatched) $350
    2. change fork oil to 15w $20 for the oil
    3.add 80cents worth of 20cent piece spacers to increase fork preload
    4. misc work to fairing damage $100 worth of spray paint, fibre glass kits, etc
    5.change chain & sprockets $300, i let the shop take care of this one
    6. change oil $55 for the oil plus $20 for 3x filter,
    7. checked air filter, was very clean, so ok
    8. checked spark plug, looked brand new
    9. carbies were pretty clean too
    10. replace crank engine mount bolt! this i considered the most serious issue at it was a structural piece $10 for bolt.
    11. already had 12x months rego so that was sweet!

    Cost me about $835

    if you got some one to do all the work add another 15-20hour labour

    20x $60 per hour = $2035

    Anyway i hope this gives you some idea on what sort of things may need doing, just make sure the person who is checking the bike out knows what they are doing & you trust their opinion

    I know everyone hates the cbr because they think its an overpriced piece of crap but there is no other bike like it under LAMS that is not falling apart except the RVF400, but thats selling for about $8k plus now which is absolutly stupid, but we live in a market economy & thats just how it works.

    BTW dont forget rego & insurance & i you will need atleast $1000 for decent riding gear.

    This hobby is not cheap!

    hope this helps & have fun looking
  17. Only above 100kph. Below that the shorter gearing of the GPX means it keeps up just fine with 4-cylinder 250s if you know what you're doing.

    Rider skill is the important thing. If you obsess over "dragging off" everything on the road you're more than likely going to find yourself buried in the arse of another vehicle or overcooking it on a corner because you've been carrying too much speed. Learning proper roadcraft can be done on pretty much any bike, and that's the most important thing to learn before jumping on a supersports.

    Of course if your goal is to ride like a cock on an R1 then a CB/ZX/FZ/GSXR is the perfect choice. It's what most of the others probably started on.
  18. thanks for the help guys. i just don't want something that i'm going to be bored on after 3 months. i've ridden when i was younger(not a lot) so i'm not a complete newb.

    i've got the cash to spend, just didn't realy wont to spend too much on a lams bike. i've had 3 sales fall thru on me in the last 2 weeks, it's very frustrating. makes me almost say f it & buy a 600, which i would have if i was younger.

    i've been looking at other zxr/cbr's & probably naked gs500. maybe rvf400 if i find a good one.

    how is the gs500 compared to the I4 250's? i'm not looking to hit 180-200km, more concerned with how quick it hits 100-120 & the pull of the bike for a heavier guy?

    also is there any other good bike inspectors in sydney besides MIS? its just that they are very busy & takes them about a week to check out a bike for me. in that time the bike is usualy sold, for the price you would think it would be a lot faster.

    btw any motards i should look at? don't seem to be many around but what do you guys think about the ktm640sm or husky 610sm as a first bike? & how much do they go for?

  19. The greater torque of the 500 means better acceleration across a wider rev range.

    There is fun to be had with something that has a narrow poweband and needs shifting gear constantly to maintain momentum (ie I-4 250s), but the added laziness that greater torque allows is a lot more useful day to day.
  20. so will the gs500 have more power down low? better take off & faster up to 100km?

    do they hold there value well? & easy to sell?