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ZXR250C battery issues

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by steve_ZXR250, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. Hey all. im hoping someone can help me with a little drama i've been having. i'll start from the start. A couple of times when my bike had been left outside ubder the carport and i went to start it and it had condensation on it i would press the start button and everything would die. all lights went out an nothing. So i turned the key off for a minute, turn it back on, nothing, off again, wait another minute, turn i on and it would be all good. I dont know if that has anything to do with my dramas but i thought i would add it. anyway now i find that my battery is often very lazy. sometimes i will go to start it and it will crank over very slow for a second, speed up for a couple of seconds then slow down again but on the second try it will start. today i went for a ride to yea. started straight away, moved it out f the garage let it warm up a bit while i got ready. turned it off to use the keys so i could throw my stuff in the back compartment. start again, sounded a little weaker, went to meet up with mates, started again a their house sounding even weaker, same when i went to fuel up around the corner and when we stopped at whittlesea. when i got to yea went to start again and it was flat went to crank then just a clicking sound. (sounded like a relay) I guy there was nice enough to give me a jump start, all good on our way home. got home turned bike off, wait a couple of mins and tryed to start again for the sake of it and it started with a heap of power.

    so my question is what is going on? i checked the battery just then 12.65V started it up at idle (2k) 14.65V reved it up to 3k and 14.25V which all seems good to me, a little wierd the volts dropped as the revs went up but either way it was charging. so to me it seems that somewhere in between the alternator and the battery something is playing up and not charging the battery when it should be.

    Also i dont know if this has anything to do with it but when i checked these things i noticed a wire that is not connected to anything and i dont know what it does ( or should do) I took a pic of it so hopefully someone will know. )The black and yelow wire)

    Im guessing it should be connected to the negative as thats where it wants to line up with but i didn't want to connect it just in case. is this causing me the problem, is moving around and when it touched metal and is earthed its charging and when its loose its no.

    I am very sorry for rambeling on for so long
  2. Lots of variables Steve so difficult to say. A couple of pointers:

    1: Start current is very heavy so it puts greatest load on the battery. Check that the main leads to the battery are tight and clean. Maybe disconnect and clean them with a bit of sand paper to make sure. When the large crank current is being drawn any poor connection can cause issues.

    2: The battery may be dying, measure the voltage on the battery while the bike is being cranked, it will drop but should be still higher than 10volts.

    3: Re the loose wire, check your owners manual if you have one, they generally have a wireing diagram. If you don't have one try and follow the wire back to see where it goes. Tape it up for the moment rather than let it float around and cause inconsistencies.

    Good luck. :)
  3. Sounds like a slowly dying reg/rec to me.
    I had an A model that took 4 weeks to completely shite itself. Similar issues to what your experiancing.

    I actually have a spare reg/rec at home if you want to try it. Known to be in working order.

    The loose wire is an earth wire, bolt it to the frame (right were that big goldish bolt is, just undo that and sllip it on under the bolt).

    I have tomorrow off, if your free you could come round and i can give you a hand fitting the reg/rec..