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ZXR250a new rider, some noob (and hard) questions

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by VBman, Oct 2, 2008.

  1. I'll start with the noob questions.

    What is the go with the kick stand switch? ive seen a lot of posts regarding this but cant quite understand what it does. Cos the engine obviously starts and runs while the kickstand is down so what does it do exactly?

    Everyone says 250's are sh*t and i'll get bored of it fast? But seems to go so HARD (once it gets over about 12,000 rpm is the fastest thing ive driven/rode and ive driven turbo skylines/silvia's and worked V8's), Will i get bored of it?

    Hard questions.

    it wont start from battery power, even with 3 jump starters hooked up to it and its cranking REALLY fast, it still wont start, but the minute u push it down the road, jump on, and pop the clutch in first gear, it will start first kick. Once its been running it will start ok but if u leave it sitting too long u have to clutch start it again, Its got a brand new battery in it, and even with 2 extra jumper packs it still doesnt seem to want to start while stationary.

    Ive just replaced the plugs and pulled the carbies off and cleaned them out, ive also replaced the oil and coolant. But it hasnt really fixed it. its a little bit better but not really.
    It blows a little bit of blue smoke when you hold it at a constant RPM is starts to blow it, so i was thinking maybe the compression is too low, but why does it start so easy from a clutch start compared to 3 batteries?

    I tried to do a compression test but our tesetr couldnt fit in there without dropping the engine down i need one thats on a rubber tube or something. But is that gonna be the problem, it runs ok once it starts and has HEAPS 9imo) of power, so i wouldnt think the compression is down.

    Any answers/hints would be great, its the 4 cylinder 250cc imported model 1990.

    Thanks :D
  2. About to go to bed, so I'll tackle the easy questions. ;)

    To put it in simple terms, the kickstand's killswitch is there to stop you riding off with the kickstand down. If the kickstand is down and the bike is in any gear but neutral, the engine should kill itself immediately and/or will not start.

    I don't know that 250s are "shit", but yes, you will get bored of the acceleration one day.

    That said, it is "normal" to get bored of the acceleration of any vehicle you own, no matter how fast - your body gets used to the acceleration, the acceleration becomes less scary, and then the thrill goes away.

    IMHO, long-term enjoyment is more about the handling and visceral experience than outright speed and acceleration. But that's just me.

    Your butt dyno may need recalibrating if you feel that a 250cc bike is quicker than a "turbo skyline" or "worked V8", though. They aren't that quick - about 130-140rwhp/tonne including the rider's weight. :) A stock 2007 Commodore SS should be around 150rwhp/tonne with driver, for comparison.
  3. i got the same bike man (94 model tho)

    they are fast, but you will get over the speed quickly.

    I drop the clutch at 15,000 rpm and still don't find it that fast. haha
  4. 250's aren't that bad. I think it's fun to get the most out of a bike, and that's easy on a 250. I wouldn't exactly say they go hard, but maybe the first couple of days of riding your first bike that may seem the case. I was over the acceleration of my bike within the first couple of weeks, but as Spots has said, its not about outright acceleration. There's more fun to be had in the twisties than on the straight roads :grin:

    As for your problem starting the bike, perhaps try cleaning out the fuel filter.
  5. *tries to think*

    So, it cranks fine? (Then it's not the starter motor)
    It runs fine with a hill start (So, you haven't left the handlebar killswitch on)
    Starts fine when the engine is warm, not when cold.

    Oooooh, I think I know why it's not starting. You are using the choke, right?

    Check the position of the choke lever; should be on the left handlebar. Pull the lever down about halfway and try starting it then - might need to twist the throttle a few millimetres when you thumb the starter too.

    Once the engine is warm (the idle rpm will rise dramatically) you can return the choke to its 'off' position. When the engine is warm you won't need choke to start it, which matches your symptoms.
  6. *Laughs* Happened to me first time I tried to start a motorbike (not mine) cold. For some reason I just assumed it would be injected...
  7. it started a lot easier today maybe i just need to learn the "trick" to starting it.
  8. Im also getting annoyed with the timing chain rattle at idle ive read that u can just pull out the tensioner and manually click it in a bit further to fix this, anyone confirm/deny?
  9. Bike maintenance is more than dismanteling & cleaning.
    You might need to spend a few dollars on it.
    New plugs are a start, but the fact that it blows smoke & it's not a 2-stroke straight away says something about the investment you'll be putting into it to make it 'feel new'.

    With the starting thing, clean the fuel filter or that gauze near the fuel tap.
    You might also have a air leak in the inlet which might give you irratic running/starting.
    Air, fuel, spark - the holy trinity of ignition. You'll have tick off each one.

    Don't run the bike engine without a air filter installed.
    Check the spark by removing a plug, connect it to it's lead & earth it to the clyinder block - crank it on the starter & look for spark.

    Once the engine is sorted, you might need to check the brakes & suspension. The pivots & various bearings might need a seeing to as well.
  10. VBMan in reply to your post:

    250cc's are fun, but yes you will get over it pretty quickly. But I am sure you didn't buy a bike to go to 0-100 in 3 seconds. There are more aspects than this to enjoy on a bike. As it is your first bike, learn the handling, braking and cornering of the bike =the 250cc will be perfect for this. Surely you would not want to learn on an R6 or GSRX1000 -It would be way to fast. You will find the 250cc is fun around the windy roads. I have had mine for 12months, I am over the speed. Yes I am bored of it, but i didn't buy this bike for a long term purchase. Just for experience and to gain as many Km's on the road as possible before I get my GSXR750 or maybe 1000.
    If i am not 100% comfortable with my 250cc then I will not upgrade. So just learn as much as you can while you have the opportunity. Watch other peoples blind spots, many fools on the road.

    Just enjoy the experience and have fun out there!!
  11. Yeah whats the mileage on the engine? A bit of blue smoke is normal when accelerating hard, but it shouldn't happen when the engine is constant RPM.

    But yeah I reckon you just need the trick to starting it, if it runs fine. Choke or something.
  12. Yeah ive pretty much learnt the tricks to starting it now. And yeah im getting used to the power. But i still have a lot to learn about cornering i often slow right down when i take corners or roundabouts.

    Still hard to start when hot but it starts really easy when cold. So i normally just leave it running if i stop at the shops or something.
  13. I seriously hope that's a joke
  14. Well i live in the country so my idea of shops is different to yours :)

    Obviously if i stopped anywhere where i would lose view of the bike for more than 10 seconds i would not leave it running.
  15. what are your local cops like? Cause it's also illegal to leave a vehicle running like that.... even though I see people do it quite often in town here.
  16. I fouled my spark plugs by idling for too long, but then again my bike idles a little rich.