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ZXR250/ZX2R Questions

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by H0LESH0T, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. Im looking at getting my first onroad bike to go to and from work and ride around on from time to time. I have been on my learners for 8 years (yes 8 years, just never got around to getting full licence) and now im going to have to go on the new lams rules which means 250cc etc. but that doesn't really bother me as im only 178cm and only way 65kg and 250 is pretty much all im really after. Im looking at purchasing a 88 model zx2r/zxr250 and realise that they are an import. Are parts pretty scarce to source? Can parts (rotors, pads, filters etc.) be bought from Kawasaki dealers or you have to source them from overseas?

  2. I've had my learners for 10 years so i know how u feel. I've only had my zxr250 for a couple of months so I will answers to best of what i learnt so far.

    The oil filter you can get at your local bike dealers, part number is hf303 which alot of bikes seem to use so no problems there. Most of the other parts like rotors, pads etc you would be able to source them online if necessary. There are a few ebay sellers that have parts for the bike, also the bike was locally delivered in the uk so you can source parts from there as well, i recently bought a set of ebc pads from the uk.

    The one thing i found out is tyre choices for the rear are limited with the 18inch rear and the 140/60 profile.