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ZXR250 wont start, just goes "tick"

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by polts, Nov 22, 2006.

  1. Hi,

    I've had my ZXR250 (1990) for a few months now and its been going fine.

    the other night i went to start it and it was trying to kick over (sometimes difficult to get it going on this bike) and it fired then was a loud clunking sound and it died.

    After that, i cant get it to start anymore. I can hill start it and it works fine and still runs great. But when i use the electric start, it just goes "tick" and doesnt even try to turn over.

    Im not sure if this is a starter motor problem as it doesn't attempt to turn over, and maybe its an igniter coil problem or is there a fuse for just starting the bike somewhere because i couldn't find it?

    any help or ideas on where i can look/try would be much appreciated.

  2. first of all, welcome to the forum.. where about in Melbourne are you?

    have you check the voltage of your battery before you start it in the morning? Could be a dead battery..

    If it's the dead battery... it could be old battery which need to be replaced.. or the alternator is not charging the battery...

    Happen to me a few occasions but due to different reasons..

    I've got a brand new battery sitting in my garage because I thought the battery was dead ... but no..the old battery still working fine .. so, if you want a brand new battery.. I can probably do you a deal.. :LOL:
  3. Yep could be a dead battery or alternator - could also simply be that the battery terminals need a clean.
  4. +1 to everyone definatly sounds like the battery. if ur not sure ur internal charging think is working u can actuly take the battery out then give it a nice push start. if it still starts up its all good. (may no be the case on ur bike)

    and ofcouse charge/replace the battery

    are your headlisghts realy dim?
  5. G'day

    The bike starts fine on a push start so i'm guessing the ignition systems are fine.

    However, i have tried hooking the bike up to my car (jumper leads) and i didnt get any joy in it trying to start...it just goes "tick" when i attempt to...i didn't leave it hooked up for very long, should i have charged it longer?

    the headlights are fine, not dim at all, and all instrument lights are fine as well.

    Anything else i should try with the battery or is there something else i can look at? - also, wheres the best place to get bike batteries from and how much are they normally?
  6. Solenoid or starter switch.
    First check for at least 12.5v when bike is off. If good, leave multimeter on, and crank engine, anything below 9v is a dud battery when cranking.
    Now to check solenoid and starter:
    Try supplying +12v to the low voltage (small wire) side of the solenoid. Just use a piece of wire with the ends stripped from the + side of battery to the solenoid. If you get starter turning over doing this, you have a break in the wire from the start button, or a dodgey start button.
    Try running a jumber lead from the battery + to the positive starter terminal (big bolt). If it starts, move back to the solenoid.
    Go to the solenoid and bridge the high current terminals with a stout screwdriver. If no luck with this, it's dead solenoid.

    Regards, Andrew.